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ASN 10 week challenge update #10 - Officially Half way through!

Monday Morning ALREADY!!!??? Seriously, the weekends go so fast. Sorry for not blogging yesterday, sometimes I simply, just, 'can't be bothered'! Anyway.... Its here now :) And so is the craziness of the last week of school and then the real fun begins. Keeping the children occupied for 2 weeks over the Easter/Harbour festival period.

OMG, think of all those Easter eggs! I love Easter chocolate and I have mentioned to the Easter bunny that just because I'm on a challenge, DOES NOT mean I don't get a visit from him ;P That brings me to my first confession of last week :( As I hate getting in late and being left with all the 'crumbs' of Easter eggs/bunnies, I did Lilli's shopping early. She only gets a few select ones and a DVD to make up for the 'lack' of chocolate. She has a sweet tooth, just like her Mummy! (poor kid)! Anyway Sunday night, I was craving something sweet. Like it was insane! I even asked Adam to drive to the shop just for 1 little chocolate! He refused! :( Anyway, light bulb moment! 'Easter Bunny' had hidden Lilli's eggs in the top of the cupboard!! The white Lindt bunny was calling me! 'Eat me!' Anyway, in previous years if I had a craving like that, I would have eaten the whole lot of that little white bunny and some! But this year, I only left the bunny without ears! Yes, just the ears (and they were little ears)! I know, I even surprised myself! Needless to say that I shipped that bag of Easter goodies off to Mum's place without a second thought (After I had replaced the Lindt bunny)! I did it that quick I forgot to take a pic of the 'Earless Rabbit'!

I set a goal for myself this week! It was to NOT eat a meal out! Although I always make a healthy choice (Salads with minimal dressing, sushi, salmon and veges, etc). I just wanted to challenge myself, as once a week, Teags and I normally have lunch somewhere. Safe to say I smashed that goal! All meals were made and eaten at home :) Yay!

So.... here we go. The week in pictures ;P

Sunday was rest day (it almost always is)! Breakfast (before the bunny ears) - Wholemeal toast, avocado, egg, tomato, wilted spinach and feta cheese.
Sun photo 179s_zpsc6dc25ce.jpg

Monday Pt included Chest, Triceps and some good ol' legs! Good session - burnt 511 calories in the hour!
Mon photo 182m_zps3ecd27a2.jpg
Mon photo 181m_zps7a0739e0.jpg

Home to get some dinner sorted as Adam is on nighshift for shutdown still and cause Monday arvs are crazy busy in this house! School pick up, tennis, home for dinner and back out to Punchfit! So 'Spaghetti and Meatballs' it was :) I'd be lying if I told you I remember what I put in them but I'll give it a go :)
Pork mince
Tamari sauce (similar to soy)
And a little chuck of Feta right in the middle of the meatball
Mon photo 183m_zps6931a7b6.jpg
You can do them in the frypan with a little spray or small bit of Olive oil or bake them in the oven. Serve with 'slim' (carbless) noodles and that way you don't feel like you are missing out on the 'Spaghetti'! I added a teeny bit of Tamari sauce to the finished dish just for that 'sauce' feeling!

My breakfast - banana pancakes and as I prepared and cooked dinner early, I got to try the meatballs for Lunch with greens and brown rice!
Mon photo 180m_zpsa086d6f8.jpg

Monday night, like usual finished with a Punchfit session at Get Fit Gladstone! Another good calorie burn @ 589 :)

Tuesday started with a fasted walk ...... Slack with pics and not the best 'timing' for food today as we had a newborn session and they are 'unpredictable' with timing. So I ate good food just at the wrong times. And because we have to have a pic from the day, you have 2 of me (well part of me) working with Baby C and his adoring big sister! He's awesome :)
Tues photo 184t_zps53c8b2f4.jpg
Tues photo 185t_zpsaa4ce680.jpg

Chucked in a shoulders and abs session downstairs on Tuesday afternoon :)
Upright rows - 10kg DB x 10 reps x 4 sets
Weighted Sit ups - 7.5kg x 20 reps x 4 sets
Shoulder Press - 5kg DB x 15 reps x 4 sets
Plank with Knee Taps - 30 reps x 4 sets
Side Arm Raisers - 5kg DB x 15 reps x 4 sets
Obliques Twists - 7.5kg x 30 reps x 4 sets
Front Arm Raisers - 5kg DB x 20 reps x 4 sets
Crunches - 30 reps x 4 sets
Tank Toners - 3kg DB x 20 reps x 4 sets
Knees to ball - 30 reps x 4 sets

Wednesday I was definately on 'Struggle street'! Nothing wanted to move, I was lacking energy and I didn't want to do anything but I dragged my butt up out of bed and JUST managed to walk out 20 minutes on the treadmill (I'm telling you, it was tough)! So upstairs for breakfast and hoping that a green tea and some 'superfoods' would give me a bit of 'something', ANYTHING! It didn't! I normally do a weights session on Wednesday morning but that didn't happen. Oh well, we all need a break now and then.
Wed photo 186w_zps09cad97e.jpg
Wed photo 187w_zps96d9e028.jpg

Wednesday Lunch was a Ham and Egg salad. I also managed to get myself to my normal HIIT class and so glad I did, It was crazy and fun at the same time! 340 Calories in 40 Mins! Pretty good for having no energy! Finished the day off with some yummy dinner! Kanga burgers on wilted spinach, grilled sweet potato, topped with asparagus spears and a side of greens :)
Wed photo 188w_zps4d77bdad.jpg

Thursday.... Raining still!!! And oh so lazy!!! But off to PT for Back, Biceps and Legs... and Struggle again! Never heard Stacy say 'Come on Lis' so many times in the last 6mths as I did today!!! But I pushed through and finished it off! Home for a shower and some 'Lazy' mis-matched clothes!
Thurs photo 189t_zpsd7178247.jpg

Lunch and a midday movie on the couch :)
Thurs photo 190t_zps82e4c249.jpg

Headed to Punch that night for some more 'touture' but got through that as well! Sometimes, I'm stronger than I think! And sometimes, I'm just being a 'Princess'! Pretty sure today was one of THOSE days (Well, it's kinda been one of 'those' weeks) ;P

Friday.... Woke up feeling.... The same as Tues, Wed, Thurs. LOL (You thought I was going to say, 'Woke up feeling full of energy') Nope, not happening! Still got 20 minutes fasted cardio out on the treadmill. And.... that was it ALL day. I came to the conclusion that if I needed a 'rest'! So made some yummy healthy breakfast!
Green Tea, Protein shake, Wholemeal toast with ABC spread, 1/2 banana and 10 almonds!!!
Fri photo 191f_zps2b583fd2.jpg

Then pretty much hung around home, caught up on washing and housework. And 'Flexed it Friday'! (There is an ASN Challengers page on FB and Fridays are for posting a picture of 'Flexing').... This was my first ever Flex post.... I'm seeing a tiny Bicep bump! Winning!
Fri photo 192f_zpsb1340985.jpg

Saturday Morning I woke aaaaannnnnnndddddd I felt great!!! Went for a fasted treadmill walk for 45 mins! Yay, made up for one of those crappy days!

Awesome green breakfast smoothie to start the day!
Sat photo 193s_zpscba8a0bb.jpg

Yummy lunch...
Sat photo 194s_zps9cd469ac.jpg

Then off to ASN Bootcamp session #3 at Crossfit Gladstone!! Although I did one of the beginners sessions last Saturday, I was... well... a little nervous still! Thanks to the team at Crossfit Gladstone for an AWESOME session! Love it! Busted blisters and all!!! (I think I am addicted) And to the ASN team for organising another testing bootcamp for us challengers!
 photo 199s_zps8ed81f1f.jpg
Sat photo 198s_zpscbfbb6c3.jpg
Sat photo 197s_zps9ab014b0.jpg

Home for some Protein and Greens for dinner!!! This is also the app that I use EVERYDAY to track what I eat! It's great and i think i'd be lost without it!
Sat photo 195s_zps2468c2b1.jpg

I was feeling a little 'Off' in the tummy after dinner so a nice cup of my new tea did the trick!
Sat photo 196s_zpsadabb63c.jpg

Sunday was all about 'REST' hence the reason this blog post is late ;P So a nice afternoon at the beach with 4 of my all time fave people! Some fresh air, sand, blue skies, and water. Feeling much more grounded than I did all week :)
Sun photo 200_zpsd2e261bc.jpg
Sun photo 201_zps5479cf85.jpg

Dinner was Chicken and some grilled greens!
Sun photo 202_zps4faa289a.jpg

Which brings us to Today!!! I went to PT this morning and had my fortnightly weigh in! And it looks like i'll be setting some new goals for this challenge as this morning, I just smashed 2 off my list! I am now finally at PRE BABY weight - 64.4kgs! And under 20% Body fat... sitting at 18.2%!! It was a shock but i'll take it! ;p I also lost another 5cm all over :)

So in 18 months, I have slowly, and most importantly, doing it the healthy way.. lost a total of 20.1 Kilos. 16% body fat and approx 80cm off my entire body!!! Thank you to all who have supported me thoughtout the last 18 months! It has been a long road but I have reached so many of my goals! The only one left is that dreaded unassisted chin up!!!! Don't worry, I'm working on it! I promise that by the end of this 10 weeks... I WILL do that chin up if it kills me!!!

Have a fantastic week and I hope to see you all back here next Sunday! :)

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