Saturday, 17 May 2014

Come away with me - 1 week post challenge :)

Hey Everyone!! Fancy seeing you all back here so quickly after the challenge finished! Just couldn't keep away could you? ;P

More like, I couldn't stop taking pics (stuck in challenge mode)!

So... Challenge over, heading to the Gold Coast for a few days to pick up a new car and maybe just 'relax'! Nope, no such thing ;P So are you ready to come away with me? Well, first we have to get through Mother Days and a trip to the hospital (and I took myself)!

Anyway, During Saturday night I woke up with a little tingly feeling in the side of my face... I thought it was pins and needles, you know, cause you can sleep on the side of your face wrong? Right? Nope, not right! LOL.... I didn't think anything of it! Sunday morning (Happy Mothers Day!) I woke with the same feeling in my face, felt my head and I could feel a lump...

Me: Adam, can you turn the light on?
Adam: Errr, What's wrong?
Me: Can you see a lump on my forehead?
Adam: Yeah, kinda.
Me: What does it look like?
Adam: Ummmm, a blind pimple.

WTF!!! Are you kidding me, If that was a blind pimple, it was a freaking huge one!! Anyway, I went back to sleep for a little bit, when I woke up it was bigger and more painful! I'm like, Adam, I'm going to the hospital! (It's ok, I'll take myself, on Mothers Day!, It's cool.... you just have a sleep in!) Something wrong with the 'picture' I think! So off to the hospital! 2 Doctors later they weren't still 100% but diagnosed me with SHINGLES!! I was freaking out.... Is it contagious? Can I still fly tomorrow? What is it? Where did I get it? Why is it painful? What do I do?

So Shingles is left over Chicken Pox virus! I'm one of the 'Lucky' ones that decided just to hold onto a bit of the virus and store it in the nervous system at the back of my neck :) Told ya... Lucky huh? Apparently it 'takes over' when your immune system is low or if you are stressed! Me... Stressed, low immune system? Nah, no way ;P (Well, maybe a little) The last week of the challenge was a little stressful.

It's not 'Contagious' to the everyday 'healthy' person! If you've had Chicken Pox, you are even safer!! It rarely 'targets' kids! Mainly adults! But 'You need to stay away from Pregnant ladies' ARRGGHHHHHH... I'm a Maternity/Newborn photographer! Who just so happened to have a Maternity session booked for Friday!! (Apprentice Teagan, did a great job covering for me tho! Thank you so so much! Hope you enjoyed it!)

Normally, not dangerous... But, I don't do things by halves.... As mine was in the nervous track close to my eye and head, it could attack my sight or tissue in the eye! So 'We'll need to put this orange dye in your eye and 'sweep' it just to make sure it hasn't damaged anything, And then you will be safe to fly tomorrow'! All good! No damage.

So it turns out that it was definately shingles and I caught it early with the antibiotics... and while it blistered and peeled and was red and gross, it was a bearable sting/burn! Not as painful as expected :) Thank goodness I am a 'Headband' kinda gal!

Sunday morning :) NOT a 'Blind Pimple'!
 photo 342s_zps99c79367.jpg

Back home to some very cool Mummy's day presents and cuddles from this little muchkin! Love you Lilli... Thanks for my gifts :)
Sun photo 343s_zps7b2277a3.jpg

So, with the challenge 'over' I did have a few days of 'relaxed' meals.. meaning I wasn't having as much protein and greens as my body has been used to, so when I got home from the hospital I cooked up some yummy Grass fed beef sausage (Lilly Pilly Organics in Yeppoon) and greens for Lunch! Get this immune system back up where it normally is :)
Sun photo 344s_zpsfdb99431.jpg

And do you remember, I said that I was going to get Adam to hide my shoes so I could have a rest day on Sunday?? Well.... I was freaking out that I was going to miss a workout while I was away.. so... Me and my burning head full of 'shingles' headed downstairs and did a quick Legs, Bums and Tums session!! I know, I know.... REST, they said!!! I only did 40 mins!

Dinner was my yummy Coconut Curry poached Chicken breast and Veg :)
Sun photo 345s_zpsd9b9eb11.jpg

Monday.... (My joggers were already packed ready to go thanks to Adam, thinking that I'd give my morning walk a miss).. Um, does he not know I have another 2 pairs of shoes ;P

So, I hit the Treadmill nice and early before we flew out :) Lilli took us to the airport with Mama to say goodbye!
Mon photo 346m_zpse3950b16.jpg

Armed with snacks incase I couldn't get to anything in a hurry!
Mon photo 346mo_zps778ebed6.jpg

Green tea before we headed off to Brisbane.
Mon photo 347m_zpsb43e5af3.jpg

And morning tea when we were waiting to catch the train to the Gold Coast.... And was that a boring ride!
Mon photo 348m_zps3f9ca95a.jpg
Mon photo 349m_zps3021bc55.jpg

Finally, off to pick up the new car and then headed off to the most anticipated part of the trip!!! The new Burleigh Heads Paleo Cafe!! I fell in LOVE!!!
Mon photo 350m_zps8e2c370a.jpg
Mon photo 351m_zps4745cb6a.jpg

And the only 2 goodie bars that made it home!! Oops! Too yummy!
Mon photo 351mo_zps4e9a498e.jpg

Off to Mr Sushi for Dinner on Monday night and then an Ice cream for dessert!! Only a teeny tiny 1/2 scoop tho! Felt like I had eaten all day. Why is it when you are away, thats all you seem to do!?

Tuesday Morning started with Hill runs! 10 of them. Thanks Aaron and Brent for living on such a great hill ;P And a quick full body session with a 5kg plate weight! See... anything is doable! Just gotta improvise :)
Tues photo 352t_zpsaaebd541.jpg

Green Tea and Oats for breakfast :)
Tues photo 353t_zps5f534483.jpg

Then off to Surfers for a day of shopping and a massage :)
Tues photo 354t_zps7b0c67fd.jpg
Tues photo 355t_zps2acbb479.jpg

Morning tea, Vegie Garden juice and a bliss ball from Boost juice! Broccoli and Tofu salad for lunch :) Loving the variety of Heathly options in the City! But thats about all I love. Too much 'Busy Busy' for me!
Tues photo 356t_zpse9793709.jpg

Then off to Endota for a bit of relaxation and pampering before heading home to get ready for Draculas!
Tues photo 357t_zpsd26a324e.jpg

This is the only photo I got.. As NO photography was allowed! The show was great! I really enjoyed the whole night (after we got through the dread stroking of my hair, the goatee stroking on Adam and the screaming 'Leave your hoodie over your face'!) ;P The food was yummo and the main that I ordered was probably the least healthiest option! But so worth it. A chocolate coffin filled with whipped cream for dessert! OMG... Yum!
Tues photo 358t_zps0fe36301.jpg

Then time for bed... What a jam packed Tuesday!
Tues photo 359t_zps9af8387c.jpg

Big shout out here... Wednesday Morning! Lucas Dane - Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!! Love you shitloads and so so sorry we missed your actual Birthday! You are such a kind hearted, sweet, caring little man and I couldn't be any prouder to call you my Nephew! Hope you had a great day and that our pressies made up for us missing your special day :) And don't worry... I'm sure Mummy won't have anything pink insight at your party ;P
 photo 361we_zps2782f6d9.jpg

Up nice and early to head off to Hervey Bay for the night! But First, I made Adam drive me into the City.. Not Gold Coast city.. BRISBANE at 8.30am so I could try the Paleo cafe there! Love you babe... and I'm sorry it cost us $30 for parking to have a 40 minute breakfast! I really do LOVE you!
Wed photo 360w_zpsff1792aa.jpg

And... It was so completely worth it! (Yep, even the $30 parking fee). I'll let you guess which plate was mine ;P
Wed photo 361w_zps6aadae08.jpg

True inspirational words :)
Wed photo 362w_zps3548826b.jpg

So, I was happy with a Full (clean) belly, off to Eumundi Markets for a few hours! So much to look at, but we spent more on the kids the whole time we were away then on ourselves! The main reason we stopped... I so wanted a green juice like I had last time I visited there. And tried out one of my Paleo protein bars for Lunch, and I wish I bought a whole heap of them :)
Wed photo 363w_zps147fe2c3.jpg

Off to Hervey bay for the night! And then headed home Thursday morning :) Home.... And tried out my Tea I got from the Markets.
Thurs photo 364t_zpsf78b31a6.jpg

Lucie Lou... I know you loved your pressie's we bought back for you :) Such a 'Girl' you are, with your Spiderman shirt, Bonehand hairclip and 'Girly' nerf guns :) Love you baby girl!
Thurs photo 365t_zps1ea03a68.jpg
 photo 364th_zpsf1767049.jpg

Lilli requested a Barbie Lego that she could build with Daddy when he got home! Lucky Daddy ;P
Thurs photo 365th_zps4ad9f459.jpg
Lilli is obsessed with a cartoon and set of books called "The Berenstain Bears" (They are ages old... I remember reading them when I was her age!) So when I found an old book of theirs, I had to get it for her and then I found a pair of handmade shorts with the Berenstain print!!! Needless to say, she nearly wet her pants and LOVES them! Not sure if i'll be getting them off her to wash them!
Thurs photo 365thu_zpsd38bdb10.jpg
 photo 365thurs_zps139f52c0.jpg

A little while ago, Lucas lost his most prized piece of Lego that he put together himself! It was originally a Batman, but he'd put some of his own touches on it! So when he lost it at the Tarvern one night, he was devastated!!! It was originally from a BIG lego set up and we couldn't find a single one on it's own or in a smaller (cheaper) set up! Well.... I am now the best Aunty in the world right now, I found him a BATMAN!!! And a couple of other Birthday 'specials' (including Adventure time PJ's)!
 photo 364thu_zpsd61dd0db.jpg

Thursday night.... Should have really gone to Punchfit, had already missed a full day! But I was so stinking tired! I couldn't even get out of my own way! And Mum had bought over the Chocolates she had hidden for me! Yep... I ate too many of them :(
Thurs photo 365thur_zps382757b6.jpg

Anyway... Soldier on and get right back into it! I've had my timeout, relaxed, ate too much, and enjoyed it!! But, home now and I couldn't have been more excited on Friday morning to be back into routine! It's so good to be in my 'Happy Place'! Fasted walk, Treadmill, Polar watch (which I totally forgot to take away.. I nearly cried), Banana protein pancakes, Green tea and one of my workout buddies (miss ya Shann)!
Thurs photo 366f_zps37850e38.jpg

Full body to get straight back into it! LOVE it :) Missed my 'Normal'!
Thurs photo 367f_zpse3d7e512.jpg

Brings us to today!!! And not only have I blogged and no-one saw it coming... But it's only Saturday! See what happens when nothing is 'expected' of you!

Today, I did my normal fasted walk, then headed downstairs for a Legs and Bum session before heading off to see Nan and Grandad :) But, not before I almost got back into my PJ's and stayed out of everyones way! Lilli has been difficult today! I won't go into detail but while we were visiting Nan and Grandad, she wrote this on the white board...
Sat photo 368s_zpsd5d12b11.jpg

Today also bought a difficult decision that I have been throwing around for a few weeks now. (My big goal). So, you have all probably worked out that it was to compete in a Fitness Comp. Not to win... But to push myself even further, see how much my body can take, how much I can transform myself and how strong my mind is! I am so 'There' right now.... But unfortunately, being so close to the finish of the 10 challenge (Which was more like 12 weeks), I have realised that Lilli and Adam have taken a back seat (missed out a fair bit of my time) and I am not sure how they will cope with me going straight into prepping for a competition.

It's not just hard on 'Me'! It is pressure on the whole Family and while they support everything I do.... I think that I may have more support from them next year when I haven't just finished something else big. I have made my mind up that whether it was going to be this year or next... I WILL compete and I WILL give it my all! :) I know I could have done it this year, but it just isn't the right time. I am happy to wait that little bit longer for something that I have to work so hard for. It makes you appreciate things more. I have worked my arse off for over 20 mths for what I have accomplished now. And I am so grateful I have done it the 'right' way! So stay tuned.... It may be a fair way away, but I will be sure to take you on the 'Fitness Comp' journey through my blogging if you are up for it! God knows, I may need you all to hold me together :)

Tomorrow... I will be celebrating Lucas's Birthday at his little get together. I'm sure it will be a great day, spent with the ones I love... Sometimes the people we love and care for are the ones that suffer the most when we are stressed and focussing on ourselves and life in general! Slow down.... Take a breath and look around at what you have. I am Guilty for it alot more than I realise!

Have a great weekend with the ones that mean the most to you :)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

ASN 10 Week challenge update #16 - And..... We are 'FINISHED'!!! But believe me, we are far from 'DONE! The life I live is fit, healthy and happy.... why would I want to be 'Done' with that!

Hello SATURDAY ;P (Right this minute it is actually 5.45am!) I know how much you all wanna read this blog... LOL, nah, just waiting for the sun to show a little for my morning walk :) An there you go, I'm sure some of your questions will be 'I wonder if she'll keep this up?' 'I wonder if she'll eat more than protein and greens?' 'I wonder if she'll still train as much?'! 'I wonder what she'll do next?'

My answers.... Yes - I actually really enjoy the fasted cardio in the morning's, even on the treadmill when I'm looking at Adam's wall of cars, bike and busty women'!
Yes - I will still eat protein and greens but I might chuck in some other veges as well and may just have something other than the 'Normal'! But we should ALL be eating protein and greens! They are really really really good for you :)
Yes - I LOVE training!!! I may drop it back a tad. But 8-9 hrs per week is normal for me :)
What's next? - Um.... seriously! I have something in mind but I just have to make the decision and It has to be soon (Like real soon). So bare with me while I battle with the inside of my head :)

So... blogging on a Saturday! Just making up for those late ones ;P It's kind of a bittsweet moment. I am excited that the challenge is over but a little sad at the same time. I'm sure you'll all be so ready to see the 'Transformation' Photos!? Right? Well... you'll have to get through all the boring stuff first :)

Last week, I blogged from Teagan's computer... This week mine has decided that it was just having a 'moment'! Maybe too many 'Brocoli' pictures ;p But we're all up and running :) This is proof that it was on the 'blink'!
Mon photo 323m_zps706997f1.jpg

Monday workouts were PT in the morning and Boxing in the evening!!! Massive session at Punchfit! And Welcome back Teagie! You did an awesome job :) Good to have you back on Mondays!

I also had to have a quick trip to the Chiropractor to sort out my lop-sided shoulders and dull headache!! It's amazing how the pain instantly dissapears after it's 'cracked'!!
Mon photo 322M_zps3c73138e.jpg

Tuesday started with a fasted walk! And a million other 'Tuesday' things!!! Like the washing machine sounding like it was a helicopter taking off! WTF!!! The computer dies and now my 6mth old washing machine decides to have a 'Moment'!!! Arghhhhhh.... Just wanted to pick up a hammer and let loose today!

So, off to the shop with Teags for some 'retail' Birthday shopping for Lucas (and maybe a layby at sports power and a new LJ jacket for me, but ssshhhhh) ..... Can you believe he'll be 7 on Wednesday!! Holy moly... he's getting so 'big'!! But still has the biggest heart and the warmest cuddles! Love ya dude... and I hope you will love your present!

Quick stop for some lunch :) We went halves in a Chicken toasted wrap with salad :)
Tues photo 325t_zps3005e487.jpg

'Lisa.... you're ordering Green Tea again?'!!! ;P Love ya Teags!
Tues photo 324t_zpsec27d336.jpg

Squeezed in a quick Upper Body and Abs session Tuesday Arv!

Bicep Curls
Laying Back Extensions

Chest Press
Triceps Dips

Cable Back Rows

Standing Obliques
Sitting Obliques

Tuesday dinner, Fish and Veges!
Tues photo 326t_zps0c99b751.jpg

Arrrrrrhhhhhhh Wednesday!!! Just wasn't my morning!! (Although, when I was getting dressed in my old clothes for a fasted walk, I realised that I was missing an underwire in my dodgy old workout bra!) Light bulb moment right here!!!!!! And sure enough, that dodgy old underwire was jammed in one of the holes in the washing machine barrel!! That there was my 'helicopter' noise coming from the washing machine. Yay, no warranty claim or new machine! The 'luck' stopped there!

Bloody shoelace!!! Not once but twice I had to stop and re-tie it!! Then I 'Flat linned'!! No heart beat.... I should have taken the hint and given up then :( But, no... I powered on and then SLIPPED... yep, slipped on the side of the treadmill where it had just been 'oiled'. Hanging on for dear life.... I managed to get my footing and re set myself! And yep.... I kept going! I did 4kms that morning. Maybe cause i'm stupid, maybe cause I was cranky! LOL... Not sure! Not realising at the time, but that little slip, pulled my Right Quad muscle!
Wed photo 327w_zps0bb904dc.jpg

Anyway... soldier on! Another 'Lilli Breakfast'! Pancake topped with Honey and Yoghurt! Her pancake is similar to mine, without the Protein powder :) It contains, Mashed Banana, Egg, Egg whites, Coconut flour and a tsp of ABC spread, Chia seeds, cacao powder and pro biotic powder :)
Wed photo 328w_zps2662c485.jpg

Then off to school for the normal drop off! I was so cranky at my computer (still not working) that I wasn't even feeling like a workout, Just wanted to get it fixed! I have bloggin to do you know! ;P But the guilt took over me and I stopped in at Get Fit Gladstone and did a Full body weights session.. This is where I realised that my Quad was really sore.... Those weighted front squats hurt way more than they should, only on 1 side! Ouch! All I can say is I'm glad it happened at the end of the challenge :)

Home for lunch! Brown rice cakes with Tuna, Spinach, Tomato and boiled egg!
Wed photo 330w_zps7d62d23d.jpg

I still managed to drag my sore leg to Hiit (I WILL rest, I promise) and just 'took it easy'!! See, I actually rested in between Weights and Hiit!! ;P I also felt a little 'game' and wore my new pink 'revealing' shirt outside the house today!
Wed photo 329w_zpsb674f2bc.jpg

Wednesday arv, I headed off to get a Tan (not normally what I do)! But I needed those 'muscles' that I do have to pop that little bit more for my photos (That I had planned to take on Friday) Thanks 'Techno Tan by Kat'!

Realising that my Friday morning was going to be flat out with Mothers day Pampering in the Prep Crocodiles room and organising a gift for my own Mum, I decided to take my photos today (Thursday). So Teags came over early, before school drop off and took them for me :) But I'm not going to post them 'Here'..... You'll have to read right to the end! Gottcha! Although, I will tell you that running around the house in a Bikini and workout clothes at 7.30am in this cold snap was a little refreshing! And obviously I looked a little funny with the resistance bands (pumping up my little muscles) whilst in next to nothing clothing! As Lucie's face was a little shocked to see Aunty Lis 'Naked, with workout bands'! (Out of the mouth of a 3 yr old). And well... Lucas just gave me a awkward grin and an eye roll!!!

So off to PT for final weigh and measure! That'll be at the end too ;P And still with a sore leg :(

Then Lilli had her first Liturgy at School in the afternoon on Thursday! 'Bring a plate to share'! Hmmmmmm, Yep, I took Fruit! LOL.... But to my surprise, most of it was all eaten! What a healthy bunch of Prep Crocodiles!
Thurs photo 332t_zpsd6e98bbc.jpg

And although, my photos were done and the challenge 'Finished' and all this yummy food everywhere... My willpower was still hanging around! I knew I had a 'special' treat I had saved for after dinner :) Just some of the sweets, I forgot to take pics of all the yummy caramel-choc brownies, cupcakes, and pasties before they were 'cleaned' up!
Thurs photo 331t_zpsca7710dd.jpg

Punchfit at Get Fit Gladstone to finish of Thursday night as per usual!

And my 'Cheat' treat! I opened that little blue and white bag! 2 Handmade easter chocolates! OMG... Yummo! Thanks Suzie (Kaboozies)! They were worth the wait!
Thurs photo 333t_zps7d21282e.jpg

Friday - Fasted walk and no shoe lace problems or slipping and I even had a 'heartbeat'! :P

Banana Berry protein pancake for breakfast! Before heading off to Mother's Day Morning at School!
Fri photo 334f_zpsda2aecf4.jpg

So, we had story time, nail polish and hand massage, crown making, puzzles and choc brownie decorating!
Fri photo 337f_zpsfe8df27e.jpg
Fri photo 336f_zpsecb986dc.jpg
Fri photo 335f_zps12e5bb0c.jpg

So after I was all 'prettied' up... Off to Teagies for some Sushi for Lunch
Fri photo 338f_zpsfdc6f8d3.jpg

And just for proof to the lovely Mum's from school that I did taste the Brownie that Lilli made for me!!! Yes, I know it was only a 1/4 of it but I did have some :)
Fri photo 339f_zpsf7110a5a.jpg

I was planning on a workout this afternoon, but after 11 days straight, and a very tight sore right thigh, I think I needed a rest day!!

Today!!! That 'rest' yesterday... was a good decision! My leg is feeling much better and I managed an awesome fasted walk!
 photo 341s_zpscf55d0da.jpg

And in between typing up this post, breakfast, fasted walk and a visit from Teags and the kids. We smashed out an upper body session to finish off this week! TOTAL rest day tomorrow. Not even a walk (I think I'll get Adam to hide all my runners and anything related to exercise)! Just to make sure :)

Now.... The boring part! The spot where I 'Thank' the people that have been with me throughout this Journey! Through this last 10 weeks and also the last 20 mths!!! So take a deep breath and read on........ And in NO 'apparent' order!

My Mum.... We all have one and I'm lucky enough to have a pretty awesome one. Support! (even if that means taking my easter eggs and stashing them at her place so I don't eat them!) Love and wise words when I was feeling low and 'couldn't do it anymore'! 'There' at the drop of a hat if I need Lilli looked after! THANK YOU MUM!! I LOVE YOU!
Thank photo thanks3_zpsb4b9d52a.jpg

Teagie!! I am grateful and lucky to have such a loving, caring, supportive (completely insane, OCD, crazy) Sister to share this journey with! Always on my 'side' and there if I needed to 'loose my shit'! To workout with, to motive me if I was feeling crap and to lay on the floor beside me when I didn't feel like writing a blog post!!! THANK YOU TEAGIE! I LOVE YOU!
Thanks photo Thanks1_zps3ef11756.jpg

Shann! I am so happy that this way of life has brought us together and formed such a great Friendship! So glad you started PT with us all that time ago! You have been an awesome friend throughout my journey and I love ya for it! So enjoy when we get to workout together :) THANK YOU!
Thank photo Thanks2_zps9655255c.jpg

Stacy!!! My PT and Friend! There from the very start! The first ever Punchfit session, that nearly killed me. I didn't think that, that one night would bring 'all of this'! Thank you for your amazing support and friendship throughout everything I have done! Your encouragement, pushing, dedication and sometimes 'tough love' has given my more drive than I thought possible! THANK YOU! Bring on the future :)
Thanks photo Thank_zps8f102031.jpg

To my long time boxing partner and Friend, Jazzie!! Thanks for holding those pads for me! For pushing me through all those 'up high' punches!!! Who would've thought ;P THANK YOU!
THanks photo Thanks_zps2f238d2c.jpg

Uncle Ray Ray!! Not only are you an awesome Uncle, but a great babysitter when I was in desperate need!! Thanks for your help and THANK YOU for NOT bringing over bags of Lollies and ordering Pizza on Friday Night Football nights!!! You have 'helped' more that you think! THANK YOU!
Thank photo Thanks6_zpsc4ebdd42.jpg

To all of the staff at ASN Gladstone! Ben, Joel, Whitney, and Ben! THANK YOU for all your support and advice throughout the entire challenge! You guys know your 'shit' and I am grateful for the endless knowledge you give :) And to Tamara Murphy for being my registered ASN challenge PT thoughtout the challenge! For answering all my questions when I needed them and the encouragement in joining and making it to the end :) THANK YOU!
Sat photo 313s_zpsea30f567.jpg

To my partner and long time supporter, Adam.... You really do deserve a medal to put up with all my crap! I love you even though sometimes I forget to show it as much as I should! Thoughout this last 10 weeks I have been a little difficult to live with and sometimes, I'd even say 'Impossible'! But you have stuck with me! To refuse to go to the shop and buy me chocolate must have really 'killed' you! ;) But I thank you for not caving and giving into me! THANK YOU for your endless support and Love, this would have been impossible to finish without you on my side!
Thanks photo Thanks4_zps62ca8d40.jpg

To my little Princess and the reason all this began! Lilli, you may not realise yet.... But you have been the strongest support I could have ever asked for! To see you grow into a little 'lady' more each day, makes all this worth it! To see you enjoy cooking healthy meals with me, eating healthier and 'working' out with me just shows me that the decision I made for all of us 20 mths ago will help you lead a longer, more healthier, happier life! You are an amazingly strong, supportive little girl and I can't THANK YOU enough for all the little things you do that help me get through each day :) I LOVE YOU more than you will ever know.
Fri photo 340f_zpse00934f2.jpg

And finally... ALL of YOU!! My 'followers'! I am overwhelmed with the amount of you that actually read my blog! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the continued support in the land of 'Technology'!! You have all kept me going and blogging..... I have wanted to give up blogging 100 times since the start! But the thought of letting you all down, was enough to kick my butt into spending 3+ hours every week in typing it up and actually posting it for you all to read!!! THANK YOU!!! And just a small 'shout out' to my 3 TOP followers and 'sharers'!!! I know you live every week for this 'Sunday' blog!

1 - Teagan Burston! TOP 'Sharer'! Thank you for getting my 'Word' out there!!

2 - Sarah Prizeman! TOP 'Commenter'! Thank you for your support! And I am so so glad I've helped inspire you and I wish you nothing but strength and support in your journey to lead a 'Healthier' Life! You deserve it and you will get there!!!

3 - Kylie Palmer! TOP 'Reader'! The amount of times you read, and read, and re-read my blogs is a sure indication that I have made a difference in your life! I am grateful for your support and so happy I have also inspired you!

So now that you are all bored outta ya head reading all that 'mushy' Thank you stuff.... I'll get you excited! Below is probably why you have all made it this far down the page. 11 weeks ago, I began another challenge. That challenge was to 'Transform' my body as much as possible in 10 weeks! Could I have done better? Probably!!! But, in having said that, I am human... and to be honest with you... I did as good as I could!!! :) Here we go :)

In 10 weeks....
Total of 5.6kg loss
Total of 19cms loss (all over)
Total of 5% body fat loss.

These are my 'Official' after photos that I have submitted to the ASN Challenge! Wish me luck......
Transformation photo Transformation3_zps9858e9f7.jpg
Transformation photo Transformation1_zps3b154e9a.jpg
 photo Transformation4_zps82e970cf.jpg

And because you have all been such loyal followers, I thought I'd even add a Bikini shot for you all :) Maybe, I might wear one next summer!
Bikini photo Bikini_zps5d515708.jpg

So.... I hope I didn't 'dissapoint'!

What now? Well.... Monday, I am flying to the Gold Coast with Adam to pick up a new car! Kid Free (See, told you I had an awesome Mum). I will also be 'cleaning' my body from all supplements (Poor Adam, it could be dangerous), I will be relaxing, having a massage and going out to dinner :) Enjoying some 'Me' time but I will also be taking my workout 'attire' because it doesn't stop here! Healthy is for Life! Stay tuned... I will do something more... I'm just not sure how soon :)

Logging off for the 'Last' time :) But please...... If you feel like you are going to miss these posts! Follow me on Instagram!!! 'lilligrace08'! I will continue to post my pics there!!!


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Lisa is a 20-something up and coming awesome photographer, mum to the amazing Lilli Grace, and super assistant to Nikki at IPQ Art.