Tuesday, 28 January 2014

10 Week Challenge update #1

Hey everyone! I know it's only been a couple of days but i'm sitting here (could be doing heaps of other stuff) waiting to pick up Lilli from her first day of Prep! So thought i'd blog a few iphone pics from the last couple of days!

The last few Mornings have looked a little like Rain and holy moly, it's been windy. That once, used to be an excuse for me, but really whats a bit of water or a nice cool breeze :)
22 photo 22_zps7c147eca.jpg

Lunch - I LOVE these spelt crackers! I could eat the whole packet!
24 photo 24_zpsa3096853.jpg

And then you get a morning like this one! 'Perfect'! That's Queensland for you ;P
25 photo 25_zpse8e14fed.jpg

That 'Perfect' morning ended like this!
27 photo 27_zps668f0b1a.jpg

Trained some upper body this long weekend as I usually have PT on a Monday and missed it from the Public Holiday.
29 photo 29_zpsde7cb2e6.jpg
23 photo 23_zps34ef86b8.jpg

Another morning walk and my time/km's covered is slowly improving :)
26 photo 26_zps5d96ea61.jpg

And that brings us up to date... I'll leave you with the First Preppy lunch I packed! Wholemeal sandwich with Ham and Cheese, vanilla yoghurt, muesil bar, homemade Choc spinach brownie, strawberries, apple, crackers and a 'lotta love'! And a photo of the little girl that I packed it for!
28 photo 28_zpsd2dfe476.jpg
30 photo 30_zpsd9a86749.jpg

Lilli's teacher, handed these out as we left the classroom!!! I didn't need the tissue, but i so could have done with the Choc Furry Friend! But i was a good girl and came home to have a yummy lunch :)
31 photo 31_zps80a529ec.jpg
32 photo 32_zpsff31341d.jpg

See you in a few days!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Come with me on this next stage of my Fitness Journey - 'ASN 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge!!!'

Hello, and Welcome to my Personal (Photography) blog, I was going to create a whole new blog just for this challenge but decided against it! Originally I wasn't going to blog ANYTHING about the challenge that I am about to throw myself full on into, but I have decided (what the hell) that I will! If you want to follow me, then that would be awesomely appreciated, but if not..... no hard feelings ;P I also can't guarantee that you won't get bored or stop following me, but hey, lets give it a shot! This challenge is about 'Transforming' my body more than I have ever imagined!

I'll start with a little about 'me' (for those of you that don't know me!).... My Name is Lisa, I'm a photographer (no, I didn't 'just buy an expensive camera', I can take photos) Although, you'll find that most of the pics throughout this 'Challenge' posting, will infact be iphone 5 snaps ;P. I like to blog, but I've been slack latley so this challenge will be good for me in more ways than the obvious. It may just kick my butt into blogging regularly again! I am a Mummy to a little girl, who is about to start Prep, her name is Lilli. I am a 'Wife' (not literally) to an amazing man that is supportive with everthing I do! I have a beautiful suportive Family and great Friends!

I have struggled with my 'diet' and weight, ever since I can remember. Always the 'Chubby' kid. When I reached high school, was when it really started to 'Get to me'! Teased everyday about being 'Fat'. So with tears everyday, I decided to join Weight Watchers @ 14 yrs old. I lost 20 kilos in 9 mths. I was addicted to the gym and was there Twice a day, almost everyday. But, like I said I had a weight problem, it yo-yo'd up and down until I fell pregnant with my Daughter, 5yrs ago. My weight reached an all time high of 84.5 kilos. I was suffering Post natal depression extrememly badly, I hated everthing and didn't want to go anywhere or see anyone!

I looked at Lilli one day and decided that as 'Sorry' as I felt for myself, It wasn't about me anymore, that this little girl needed to have a Mummy that could give her the best possible start to a healthy and fit life. So this is when it began...... I was a 'Mutual Friend' of a Lady (Stacy) that was just about to start up a Boxing cardio class in town, 'Punchfit'. I called my Sister, and together we decided to give it a go! After that first Punchfit class, I could barely drive my car or walk up my stairs, but 3 yrs on and I still box every Monday and Thursday nights. I also decided to throw in some PT sessions during the week while Lilli was at daycare, although I felt fitter and was a little healthier, it wasn't until 16 mths ago that I really got my act together. I started a 12 week challenge, which kick started the 'new me'. To this day, I am 17.3 Kilos lighter. 71.5cm smaller overall and lost 10% body fat. I have also completed the 5km Warrior Dash obstacle, 5km Kokoda Grunt Obstacle, 5km Colour run, 5km Mater Miracles (as my daughter was asking which runs can she do with me) and the big one, 18km Tough Mudder Obstacle!

So, I know I have achieved a fair bit in just over a year, but there is always more room for improvement and to challenge myself just a little more, so this is why I registered for the ASN Transformation Challenge. There are prizes for the winners of each local store as well as bigger prizes for overall winners. I'm not working towards 'winning', my goals from this challenge are to.....

- Reach my pre baby weight of 64.5kgs (approx 3 more kilos)
- Drop some more body fat (Hopefully get it under 20%) I am currently sitting at 23.4 %
- To look leaner and to have more muscle definition
- To be able to do at least 2 unassisted Chin ups by the end of it (Yes, just 2!! I am completely hopeless when it comes to lifting my weight with my upper body)
- And to blog about my progress at least once a week
- And maybe inspire, just one more person to live a 'Healthier' life!

* So, whats so different about me doing this challenge?
Um..... I think that subbmitting my 'Before' photo and the fact that Complete strangers will see me in short shorts and a crop top will push me a little harder to be 'transformed' in the 'After' photo!

* And, Why am I blogging about my progress in this challenge? (As some of you probably couldn't care less how I look).
The truth... I have been doubting myself a little on this one! So this is where YOU (my blog followers) will help me push through! I hate letting people down! And now, I have made a commitment to myself (and to all of you), that I WILL complete this challenge and blog at least once a week (maybe a couple of times a week)! The post might be about my workout, how much I struggled, a new 'Personal Best', what I ate for Breakfast, or simply..... how much I am craving that chocolate and bag of lollies!!! So, stick with me, I may need that little bit of 'Push' every so often!

I'll be submitting my 'Before' photo around the 7th Febuary and the Challenge officially starts (2 day before my 30th Birthday,) on the 24th of February!

And, I know this part can be boring, but without the following people, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have accomplished what I have done so far. So here's a massive big 'THANK YOU' to all the following......

My partner, Adam, for supporting me through all of this, looking after Lilli when I'm training, travelling up to 8 hrs away to complete obstacle races and just normal everyday crap I put him through! Thank you so so much! I love you! To my beautiful Daughter (whom this all began for) for letting me drag her to training if I have too, for being my absolute motivation and my mini PT alot of the time!

My Family in general, for supporting me through it all! Even the 'Organic Food/Grass Fed Meat' change. For believing in me and of course giving me 'shit' about some things, it keeps me motivated!

My Sister, for coming with me on the very first night of Punchfit! If I didn't have a partner, I would never have gone. For training with me through this change and only being a phone call away if I need someone to whinge too!

My Mum and Brother in law, for coming to the rescue for babysitting at the drop of a hat, if I feel like doing a class or going for a run!

My long time Trainer/PT/Friend, Stacy for all the classes she has pushed me through! All the motivation and encouragement for 3 years, right from the very start! And listening to me whinge! Thanks a million, you're support has been amazing! :)

To my small amount of Friends that have been there from the start, who have supported me, trained with me and encouraged me through the lows of it all!

To Julie, for pushing me to have a go at my first obstacle race in November 2012!! I thought I was dying, but I made it through!

To ASN Gladstone for the awesome advice on Supplements, when to use them and what to use for my goals.

To everyone that I have ever Boxed with, trained with, bootcamped with, ran a race with, and to my current Boxing partner, Jazmine for pushing me each time we smash those pads! Thank you!

To anyone that has ever doubted me, not believed in me and questioned me on how long I can 'keep it up'. THANK YOU for pushing me to work harder!

And lastly Thanks to all of YOU for hanging around til the almost the end of this post. Here are some pics to keep you going until i officially start! :) Bring on February 24!

Me in August/Sept 2012 - The biggest I have reached on the scales - 84.5kgs
1 photo 1_zps19e063f3.jpg

Warrior Dash Obstacle in November 2012 - After Starting the 12 week challenge and loosing appox 6kgs
2 photo 2_zps641d503f.jpg
3 photo 3_zpsefb33250.jpg

Worked so hard for the next few Months - March 2013 - Approx 73kgs
4 photo 4_zps32c2c7dd.jpg

The next challenge for me was the Kokoda Grunt 5kms in March 2013. Tougher than the Warrior Dash!
5 photo 5_zps5152a368.jpg
6 photo 6_zps4fc99fd8.jpg

A before and after - 6 Mths apart in the same shorts....
8 photo 8_zps339f7426.jpg

And a challenge of all challenges... Tough Mudder!! We smashed it in just over 3 hours. The 'Arctic Enema' would have to be the hardest thing that I have ever done.
9 photo 9_zpsea4ee141.jpg

October brought on a Family holiday and a 5km Run/Walk through a sea of colour in the Sunshine Coast Colour Run! This was one of my favourites because Lilli and Adam could join me in the fun and i had my Sister and niece run with us!
10 photo 10_zps1bf99062.jpg

Final weigh and Measure for the year! Along with the worst 'Before' image..... Just to see how far I've come!
11 photo 11_zps716f34b7.jpg

Which brings me to a New Year and another challenge! 'ASN 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge'! The reason I am creating this blog post! I needed a push to actually commit to it. Thanks Tamara :) (I think)
12 photo 12_zps79388d2e.jpg

Although we haven't officially started the challenge yet, I've been doing a couple of things a little different to normal. Eating my meals at a more 'appropiate' time, getting up early for a walk (whether it be on the Treadmill or around the neighbourhood.) Unfortunatley, my treadmill has had a meltdown and is in pieces at the moment:(
13 photo 13_zps4d80785a.jpg
 photo 7_zpsd70cf5cc.jpg

This hasn't changed - Family Support ... And Being yelled at by a 5 year old and told what to do;P She loves getting dressed in her workout clothes and her tennis shoes to come down and help me push through my workout.
14 photo 14_zps02509041.jpg
15 photo 15_zpsc3647404.jpg

I'm a fan of Green smoothies!!! Have been for ages now, and Lilli loves them too! Adam, not so much.
16 photo 16_zps78e9cd41.jpg

More 'Green'!
17 photo 17_zpsaca88319.jpg

'My' Almonds are a favourite snack for me!!!
18 photo 18_zpse484db7f.jpg

I like to cook things that are 'Naughty' but good for you! As well as being able to pack them in Lilli's school lunches!
19 photo 19_zps293df599.jpg

 photo 21_zps623aa4db.jpg

This is the workout that I think I 'Broke' the treadmill with :(
20 photo 20_zpsb1e31cde.jpg

Stay tuned for the next post! (I promise it won't be as long as this one)!


Welcome to the personal photo blog of Lisa Burston.

Lisa is a 20-something up and coming awesome photographer, mum to the amazing Lilli Grace, and super assistant to Nikki at IPQ Art.