Friday, 29 March 2013

32 Week Bump

We were on Holiday and visiting my Cousin and his Wife when they had just found out that they were almost positive, that they would be 'Mummy and Daddy' again in as little as 6 days time. This little girl wasn't going to do the full 40 weeks ;P So we rushed a 'Maternity' session in while i was there. Maternity photo Belly_zps9f6a82f4.jpg Maternity photo Belly3_zps8648e952.jpg Big Sister Maddison Maternity photo Belly2_zps07ad261a.jpg Maternity photo Belly1_zps32f863e0.jpg  photo DSC_4873_zps1e07dbaf.jpg Maternity photo DSC_4872a_zps670978f7.jpg Maternity photo DSC_4814_zpscb2f6b6f.jpg Maternity photo DSC_4719_zps0957a27d.jpg Maternity photo DSC_4668_zps859e338a.jpg  photo DSC_4637_zps84186bc6.jpg Maternity photo DSC_4658_zpsf9fca60a.jpg Baby Mia was Born 6 days later at 33 Weeks weighing just over 4lbs. Congratulations Lawrence, Sam and Maddi on the special arrival of another little baby Girl!!! Can't wait to see her.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

'Part 1' of November 2012 Holiday!

I've finally gotten around to editing some images from our Holiday in November last year ;P I am doing the blog post for it in 2 parts as i normally 'overshoot' so you can imagine how many pics i took on holiday! The first half of our holiday was in Hervey Bay and Kilcoy (where i ran the Warrior Dash). Lilli met some Bikers that were on their way to a 'Fun Run' in Hervey Bay... First time she has sat on a motorbike! Nov 12 photo Motorbike_zps01baeba6.jpg Hanging out at the Water park with her Cousin Maddison!  photo Waterpark_zps8f2f65df.jpg  photo Waterpark2_zpse7776cc1.jpg  photo Waterpark1_zps37a7870a.jpg Time for some Ice cream Nov 12 photo Icecream2_zps091d0f39.jpg Nov 12 photo Icecream_zpsd8df1c78.jpg A walk on the beach!! Nov 12 photo Beach2_zpsca439d06.jpg  photo Seagull_zps0f8c521e.jpg  photo Beach3_zpsb753ef62.jpg  photo Water_zps44f46c28.jpg Then off to Kilcoy, where Lilli celebrated her 4th Birthday! Nov 12 photo Bday3-1_zpsfec67791.jpg Nov 12 photo Bday1_zpsb97f17ed.jpg  photo Bday5_zpsb6aafa99.jpg Nov 12 photo Bday4_zpsf89cb1f6.jpg  photo Bday2_zps8b93b519.jpg Hopefully the 2nd part of the blog post won't be too far away! Hope you all enjoyed it ;P

Friday, 1 March 2013

Splish Splash!

I've been promising Lilli that next time it rains, she can go out and play in it..... Mama bought her new 'Puddle Jumping Boots' (Say that 10 times fast)! LOL! And Teagie, bought her a new WaWa Tree skirt! So why not wear them together? And seen as tho it has been raining a bit lately, we have some 'Puddle Jumping Pictures!' Lilli Feb13 photo Splash4_zpsf44dba28.jpg Lilli Feb13 photo Splash3_zpsfd348c96.jpg  photo Splash2_zps066ba737.jpg Lilli Feb13 photo Splash_zps4e6a4811.jpg Lilli Feb13 photo Splash1_zps67953a70.jpg


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