Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Photo A Day - Week 21 - Black And White

Day #147 - Boats 147/365 Day #146 - Tattoo Ink! 146/365 Day #145 - Rainy Weather 145/365 Day #144 - Charlie Boy 144/365

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Photo a Day - Week 21 - Black & White

Day #143 And so much better!!! Taken at an appropriate time with good light and an 'almost' willing model! 143/365 Day #142 The result of High ISO, badly lit, under exposed, unwilling model, and trying to 'Fix' in photoshop! Yep, if only i got off my arse a little before 8pm to take my image for the day ;P 142/365

Friday, 18 May 2012

Big Catch up Blog post

I've just finished cleaning out 3 months worth of files and have a few to share...... Sorry if you get bored ;P I'll start with some of the kids first! Lilli Lilli Lilli Lilli Lilli 136/365 With Rog the Reptile Lilli Now that Lucas is a big Preppy, I don't get many photos of him anymore :( Lucas 102/365 98/365 Unlike his cheeky little sister, Lucie. Lucie Lucie Lucie Lucie Lucie Saxon Saxon Rabby <3 Rabby Crazy lil Girls Lucie Lucie Lucie Lucie Harbour Festival Festival Festival Festic=val We took the kids to see 'Elmo's World tour'! They loved it!! I might have too.... Just a little bit ;P Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo Adam dragged us out to the Car and Bike show! Cars Our neighbours baby boy was born!! Jaxon, he's super cute! Jaxon Jaxon Jaxon Jaxon 124/365 And big Sister, Bella! Jaxon Some cute animals.... Clippers Clippers Sammy and Boo Boo A butterfly getting eaten by a cute lil spider! Butterfly We (IPQ Art) shot our first Wedding! 126/365 A beautiful family session.... 106/365 A couple of super cute baby bumps! Belly 133/365 Belly And Lucas Dane turned 5!!! Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Nan and Grandad with 7 Great Grandchildren! Bday And thats the end! :)


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