Sunday, 23 February 2014

ASN 10 Week Challenge Update #5

Hi Everyone!!

Only 1 sleep til official start date!!! Are you all as nervous as I am?! ;P

So not a great start today ... I was just about to get organised for my morning walk (outside, not on the Treadmill cause Adam is home) But Lilli has woken up with a Vomiting bug! Plus the head cold I've been 'battling' has moved to my chest! Lets just hope that this 'bug' is a quick one and that my chest clears up in a hurry! Because, lets face it, this isn't the start that I had pictured! I am hoping that by this afternoon we may all feel a little better and I can get in a quick 'Sunday session!'

So all that aside... my week the 'was'!

Last Sunday was my 'Rest day'. Sometimes it kills me to 'Rest'! All I want to do is go for a run or lift some weights, but 'REST DAYS ARE GOOD'! Apparently! Although, we did have a Family session with an 8mth old and a 3 year old.... I'm pretty sure I burnt some well earned calories in the 2 hours we were shooting for ;P
69 photo 69_zps33a90d27.jpg

Sunday Lunch.
70 photo 70_zps5fe5bfea.jpg

Monday .... Personal Training done! But didn't get to Punchfit on Monday night! :( And I was feeling 'Blah' today... so you have a super boring pic of my morning tea! Rice cakes with cottage cheese and chives.
71 photo 71_zpsbc36a1c4.jpg

Tuesday was a Pupil Free Day for Lilli but, up early and downstairs for a fasted 30 min cardio on the Treadmill and bike! Smashed out 378cal! Amazing what happens when you walk on incline with 2kg hand weights! :)
73 photo 73_zpsfff2e801.jpg

Had some breakfast and then squeezed in a Upper body workout before Lilli and I spent the rest of the day in the air con watching movies until we had a Parent/Teacher interview! Lilli is doing great at school, she is a plessure to teach and wants to answer all the questions she can! She also has 'A kind heart and beautiful manners'! (I'd love for her teacher to pack her manners in her school bag and send them home with her!) ;p

Lunch was Chicken, Feta and Walnut salad with Balsamic dressing! Was so fresh and yummy! And Dinner was Chicken (noodle) soup! But for me, I skipped on the noodle and added broccoli and beans! Still tasted as good!
72 photo 72_zps51754895.jpg

Wednesday, started feeling a little clogged in the nose and ears today but I thought I'd just 'keep going' and sweat it out ;P So a full day of smashing workouts! Love the feeling of 'Finishing' them!
Work out #1 - Fasted cardio! Followed up by a healthy breakfast of Buckwheat cereal (Protein shake as my 'milk') and a cup of green tea! Looks 'ordinary' but tastes really good!
74 photo 74_zps7e137bf0.jpg

Work out #2 - Cardio boxing on the bag with Legs!
Work out #3 - 30 Minute Hiit Session at 'Get Fit Gladstone'
And Post workout dinner; Pork meatballs with steamed greens and Sweet potato chips!
75 photo 75_zps90b3840b.jpg

Fasted walk Thursday morning on the Treadmill then PT session! Couldn't box tonight either as Lilli and I had a Chiropractor appt. Monday and Thursday night without Punchfit, feels like a piece of 'Me' is missing!!! Anyway Lilli went so well at the Chiro, I let her choose something that she wanted for Afternoon tea.... 'Mum, can we have the new yoghurtland?'!!

She was so excited to see that she could actually 'Make her own'!
77 photo 77_zps297de6a0.jpg

And mine.... that was of a healthier version. Pistachio and Coconut yoghurt, topped with fruit bursts, coconut, toasted oats and almonds. Yum..... steering clear of that place for the next 10 weeks, thats for sure! ;P
76 photo 76_zpse0f40a7c.jpg

Feeling more and more like a crappy headcold.... These little babies might make me feel a little better ;P
78 photo 78_zpsdc851a53.jpg

Friday - On struggle street and such a completely jam packed day ahead of me!! Give me some energy please!!! Fasted walk followed by Breakfast (Banana pancake topped with some of the new 'Chia Pod' that I found at Woolies!)
79 photo 79_zps98765410.jpg
80 photo 80_zps6c22fb6d.jpg

Then Punchfit done and dusted! Grandad to the eye Dr, Watch Lucie for a bit, home for house work, school pick up (don't forget to drop Lucas home), home for a shower and out to dinner with the Punchfit girls for my Birthday! I relaxed, had a yummy dinner, followed by yummy cake (which I wont be allowed on my real Birthday) ;P And spoilt with a Sportspower voucher!! Thanks Girls, you almost bought my shoes outright for me :) Excited!!! Hoping to give them a 'run in' as soon as I can!
81 photo 81_zps11a3af40.jpg
82 photo 82_zps637ac108.jpg
83 photo 83_zps4d352485.jpg

Saturday, I felt like CRAP!! So thought I might fix it with a Green Monster smoothie for Breakfast! It kinda gave me a 'Pick up' til about mid afternoon!
 photo 84_zps9e56e174.jpg

So that brings us to today! And today sux!! So i'll leave it at that! Have a great week ahead and I'll see you all at the end of the 'Official' week 1! Wish me luck!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

10 Week Challenge update #4

Morning All.... Almost didn't blog this week as it has been a crappy week for me! Started out Crap, Ended 'Crap'! But the middle was really good, so I guessed, that's enough to blog about! Right?? ;P

If you know me well, you'd know that I have a really bad 'sweet tooth'. It's nothing for me to eat a bag of lollies (which, I did this week), and that's so bad! But over the last year or so I have learnt to stop at a 'couple' and hide the bag, otherwise I'd be back where I started! :) We also had an 18th last night and I shared some cake with Lilli. I am so so dissapointed in myself for having those lollies and spoonfuls of cake because I know I had the willpower to stop, but I think it's the fact, that in the back of my mind that this challenge is almost at 'Official Start' day and although I have taken my Before photos already, at that point of 'Sweet overload' I was thinking this is the last Licorice I'll have for 11 weeks!!!! (I have already addressed my sweet cravings for throughout the challenge as I know it would be my downfall. I have something that is 'allowed' and that I am more that satisfied with) :P I'll post a photo next blog as they WILL be my only 'bad' thing :)

So, I really should listen to myself a bit more. This week, I told a Friend "If you are thinking positive, you will not fail no matter what anyone says or thinks. Keep going and the most important thing is knowing that you have given it all you can and tried the best you possibly could! No doubting yourself!"

So from now on I WILL not doubt myself and I will take each day as it comes, whether its an easy one or whether I am struggling from the beginning! I CAN do this and I won't fail because it will be myself that I dissapoint the most!

Anyway, I know you are mostly here for the photos....

Sunday started off with a smashing cardio session after I 'Toughened up'!
63 photo 63_zps98e48658.jpg

Monday was a good healthy start with a Banana protein pancake topped with greek yoghurt before my PT Session.
58 photo 58_zpsa8b85e3f.jpg

Finished off Monday night with my normal boxing session.

Tuesday, I did a quick fasted walk on the Treadmill before a Back and Bicep workout after school drop off! Breakfast was brown rice, cottage cheese, avocado and tomato! Fuel for the body. Lunch was rice cakes, Avo, spinach, tuna and feta. This is the day I ate my lollies :(
61 photo 61_zps4875d3e1.jpg

Wednesday, another fasted walk and Chest and Triceps session. And here's something completely out of my Comfort zone! I never in my life thought that I would eat 'Skippy'! But, hey, there is a first time for everything :P
60 photo 60_zps996f8cae.jpg

And when I got over the picture in my head, that I was actually eating a Kangaroo, It was really quite enjoyable!

Thursday, Exercise was my normal PT Session and then I decided to cook up some meals for me for Lunch thoughout the week! So much easier to grab one if i'm busy and chuck it in the microwave. 'Prepped!'
62 photo 62_zps16e6fff4.jpg

Finished Thursday off with Punchfit as per normal :)

Friday began with a Treadmill walk and then off to smash out a Punchfit Session with Teags! Arghhh... And i've just realised that'll be our last one together for a couple of months! She's off to get some new 'Boobs'! So I'm going to wish you the best for Thursday! I wish I could be there with you! I Love you so so so very much and your Kids will be totally fine!

I made up a Green Iced tea with lemon cause I was craving 'something' and needed some energy! It tasted awesome and it gave me what I needed :)
64 photo 64_zps21f8ee10.jpg

Dinner on Friday, had a 'malfunction' but in the end turned out fine and tasted yummo! Packed full of yummy goodness!
65 photo 65_zps9286ac5d.jpg

As you all know, I'm turning 30 next week and was told not to buy any new shoes, and as my calves and shins are starting to hurt bad from my other ones, I pulled out my 'Tough Mudder' mud running Salomons for my walk on Saturday Morning! They did good ;p
66 photo 66_zps1e28351e.jpg

Followed that walk up with a Leg session (upped my weights and my legs are sore today!!) then a bit of relaxing Family time down the beach, another iced tea and then home to mow the lawn before heading off to Gaige's 18th Birthday BBQ (where I ate more dinner than I should have and the dreaded birthday cake) By the way, it was yummy and Thanks for having us for the night guys! :)
67 photo 67_zps4a5d2143.jpg
 photo 68_zps3e5b5159.jpg

So, that brings this weeks blog post to an end :) Thanks for all your following and support! God knows, i'll need it!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

10 Week Challenge update #3

Welcome back!!!

I feel like its been a crazy fast week! I still have a million things to do before next week (Tomorrow!) And to be honest, It's been a little bit of a crap weekend regards to my eating :( But on the bright side, 'Before' photos are being uploaded today and that means I'm on a mission, starting right this minute to 'Transform' the body I have right now.

Anyway, Sunday breakfast was Chia pudding with a little muesli, seeds and blueberries! Yummo! Then I was on a mission to make some protein balls that in actual fact work better as a protein slice ;P
 photo 45_zpsf506c8f9.jpg
 photo 46_zps2b725729.jpg

1 TBLSP VANILLA EXTRACT (I use Vanilla Paste)



Sunday was a 'Rest' day but when you have a energetic 5 year old, something has to be 'done'. So off for a casual walk/scooter ride at the marina :)
 photo 43_zpscb7149f4.jpg
 photo 44_zps6376c46a.jpg

Monday I completed my normal PT session, but I didn't get to boxing cause I wasn't feeling the best! I've taken L-Carnitine for a while now and I have just purchased a new brand, which unfortunatley gives me horrible heartburn!! I also ate tomato on Monday, so with the acidity of the tomato mixed with the L-Carnitine... My insides felt like they were on fire!!! So that was my 'No Boxing' excuse :) I couldn't even stomach dinner, so it was 'prepped' for Lunch the next day for Adam and I! I did manage to get a protein shake in! At least it was something.
 photo 47_zps582e2825.jpg

Tuesday, I jumped on the Treadmill for a Fasted walk nice and early before lunches had to be made and the 'Crazy' school morning begins! After school drop off, I got carried away with a 1 1/2 hr long Cardio/Leg session!
 photo 48_zpsd26e033b.jpg

Wednesday, had an appt but followed that up with an Arms session. That Afternoon, i was feeling energetic still so smashed out a Hiit Fit session with Stacy at Get Fit Gladstone :) Then i was feeling a little tired so dinner was 'easy'! Omlette :)
 photo 49_zps9b074e27.jpg
 photo 51_zps45acbac6.jpg

Thursday, PT session was hard..... There is a 'Record' time at Get Fit on the spin bike. It was 5km's in 8 mins 58 secs. I hadn't given it a crack yet so it was my turn. After a little warming up of the legs it was time to see if I could beat it. OMG, I nearly died and I seriously didn't think I could beat it! If I didn't have Stacy yelling in my ear 'You can do this, DON'T GIVE UP' and for the small group of girls I train with yelling 'motivation' at me, I could have easily 'given up'! My throat and chest were burning from breathing so hard, heart rate was sitting at 185, sweat dripping off my face, head was pounding as I didn't want to look up at the screen, legs were sore but I just 'kept going'! 3....2....1..... and I stoped, waiting to hear a time over 9 mins but I didn't! I completed the 5km Spin Bike challenge in 8 mins 32secs! Smashed it by 26 seconds :) What a great start to my Thursday! Now to wait and see if I get beaten, I'm sure it'll happen!
 photo 52_zps6fc85cc6.jpg

Finished it off with some 'Teamwork' Ab's! And then a fun Boxing session Thursday night
 photo 53_zps2c37ecc4.jpg

Friday morning started with a Punchfit cardio session at Get Fit :) The afternoon ended badly (foodwise). Took Lilli to the Hungry cow to finish of her 2nd week of prep with a yummy Milkshake and a mini choc cupcake!! Will power caved, and Mummy also had the same! Oh well, shit happens and what can you do? Just get back up and keep on going :)
 photo 54_zpsd5df785d.jpg

Teags also took my 'Before' photos today! I wasn't going to post them but thats why these posts exist and the reason we are all here! As hard as I have worked these last 16 mths, there is still so much to do! So my before photos...... Which i am still uncomfortable about :( Why do we look much better in clothes!?
57 photo 57_zpsa3b41970.jpg

Dinner, from one night this week...... (Can't remember when we had it!) Roast Veg and Quinoa Salad. Lemon and Herb Sweet lip and prawns! Was yummy!
 photo 50_zps03621299.jpg

The salad -
Cook Quinoa according to the packet. 'Tip - Rinse really well and add to pot without water to 'toast' a little before adding water to cook'
Roast assorted vegies in the oven on baking paper. I use, sweet potato, zucchini, broccoli, garlic, leek, carrot, parsnip.
Once both quinoa and Vegies are cooked, put vegies into the Quinoa pot and toss gently. Then stir through the dressing :)

Dressing - (I just add til it's tastes right! - I'm hopeless as measuring)
Dijon Mustard
Lemon Juice
A little vinegar
Olive oil

Saturday morning started with a 5.30am walk and a beautiful Sunrise! In my new tights!! And home for a protein packed Banana piklet stack! :)
 photo 55_zps782ceed7.jpg
 photo 56_zps8fced833.jpg

Bring on the challenging week ahead as I prepare myself more for the 'Official' challenge start date! More changes to happen this week! Stay tuned! See you all next week! (without the choc cupcake and milkshake post!) ;P

Saturday, 1 February 2014

10 Week Challenge update #2

Hey Guys!!! Hope everyone that was in the line of cyclone Dylan, is safe and not too wet and windy for you all!

Just some pics to update you on the rest of my week!

Tuesday we had a 'Throw to-gether' dinner - Leek and Fetta Fritatta! Below is what I put in it!

White part of a Leek, finely chopped , Clove Garlic finely chopped (Saute both in a teeny bit of Olive oil)
1 sml Parsnip grated
1 sml Carrot grated
1 Zucchini grated (make sure you squeeze out the excess water)
Handful of Spinach, chopped or torn up
5 eggs
I used sml tub of Sour cream (all i had) but you could also use normal cream.
Chopped up Ham
Mix all together in bowl with salt and pepper, I also chucked in a shake of dried rosemary and thyme.
Pour mixture into a baking dish.
Chop Chives and Crumble feta on top. Cook approx 1/2 until 'firm' in middle. It's even better cold the next day!
33 photo 33_zpsa6625070.jpg

Wednesday was my awesome Sisters birthday! So we went to lunch, I ordered the Salmon (and it was huge) and vegetables! No dessert, which I am so completely proud of myself as I am a sucker for baked cheesecake, and yes, it was on the menu. One of our Friends (who was sitting beside me), ordered it!!! OMG, it looked freaking amazing! That afternoon, although I ordered quite 'heathly' I felt a little 'off' so Lilli and I went for a walk/ride to the shop for a handful of things. A couple of mths ago, I would have just jumped in the car and driven to the shop. But these days I prefer to get Lilli out for some fresh air!
34 photo 34_zps0e081a87.jpg

Thursday is normally a PT session for myself, straight after school drop off. But Lilli woke up with a sore ear and headache so no school for her, and no PT for me :( I set her up with a movie and some panadol for the pain and pumped out Quick legs session downstairs and some housework. There is always a way around something! (Most times)
35 photo 35_zps240ea2c8.jpg

Dinner 'prepped' for Adam to cook for me before I get home from Thursday night Punchfit!
36 photo 36_zpsc65e1f1e.jpg

Friday was a bit wet and windy!!! So no outside exercise or walk. But I did smash out a Punchfit session with Teags!
37 photo 37_zpsce7dc24e.jpg

Some healthy carbs, protein, greens and fat for lunch! Brown rice, Tuna, Spinach and Avocado.
41 photo 41_zps416cf0a2.jpg

Friday night..... Arhhhhhh, sweet craving like crazy! I caved, handful of lollies! Blah! Anyway, 'Tomorrow is a new day'! Sometimes I think it's better to cave at the craving you have then and there, instead of ignoring it and going crazy nuts, eating every sweet thing in site!!! (Except, when I'll be in the middle of the Challenge, I will have to find a different alternative). After all, we are all Human!

Saturday, as much as I LOVE the rain, I was hoping it had eased just a little for a morning walk, but nope! I was having a moment, Treadmill broken, raining, windy, didn't want to ride the bike! So.... 'JUST FREAKING DO IT LISA' (You ate lollies last night!). A scoop of my favourite pre workout, a healthy breakfast (Banana protein pancake) ..... And, Downstairs for an upper body session! Smashed it :) Finally starting to see some little changes in my arms! Some little muscles, Yay!

39 photo 39_zps843b4e5e.jpg
38 photo 38_zpsac5fa497.jpg
40 photo 40_zps0d2ccdee.jpg

For those that are interested.... Banana pancakes contain:
1 Medium mashed Banana
1 Egg
1/2 tsp natural peanut butter
1/3 scoop of vanilla protein powder (optional).
Whisk all together and pour into fry pan! Flip. Sprinkle with cinnamon! YUMMO!!!!

Thinking of a rest day tomorrow....... And If the rain hangs around for a few more days that is totally fine with me.... Adam just fixed my Treadmill and it is working like new! Yay!
 photo 42_zpsd01f4ab1.jpg

Hope everyone has a great Week ahead and I'll see you back here next week! ;p


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