Sunday, 23 February 2014

ASN 10 Week Challenge Update #5

Hi Everyone!!

Only 1 sleep til official start date!!! Are you all as nervous as I am?! ;P

So not a great start today ... I was just about to get organised for my morning walk (outside, not on the Treadmill cause Adam is home) But Lilli has woken up with a Vomiting bug! Plus the head cold I've been 'battling' has moved to my chest! Lets just hope that this 'bug' is a quick one and that my chest clears up in a hurry! Because, lets face it, this isn't the start that I had pictured! I am hoping that by this afternoon we may all feel a little better and I can get in a quick 'Sunday session!'

So all that aside... my week the 'was'!

Last Sunday was my 'Rest day'. Sometimes it kills me to 'Rest'! All I want to do is go for a run or lift some weights, but 'REST DAYS ARE GOOD'! Apparently! Although, we did have a Family session with an 8mth old and a 3 year old.... I'm pretty sure I burnt some well earned calories in the 2 hours we were shooting for ;P
69 photo 69_zps33a90d27.jpg

Sunday Lunch.
70 photo 70_zps5fe5bfea.jpg

Monday .... Personal Training done! But didn't get to Punchfit on Monday night! :( And I was feeling 'Blah' today... so you have a super boring pic of my morning tea! Rice cakes with cottage cheese and chives.
71 photo 71_zpsbc36a1c4.jpg

Tuesday was a Pupil Free Day for Lilli but, up early and downstairs for a fasted 30 min cardio on the Treadmill and bike! Smashed out 378cal! Amazing what happens when you walk on incline with 2kg hand weights! :)
73 photo 73_zpsfff2e801.jpg

Had some breakfast and then squeezed in a Upper body workout before Lilli and I spent the rest of the day in the air con watching movies until we had a Parent/Teacher interview! Lilli is doing great at school, she is a plessure to teach and wants to answer all the questions she can! She also has 'A kind heart and beautiful manners'! (I'd love for her teacher to pack her manners in her school bag and send them home with her!) ;p

Lunch was Chicken, Feta and Walnut salad with Balsamic dressing! Was so fresh and yummy! And Dinner was Chicken (noodle) soup! But for me, I skipped on the noodle and added broccoli and beans! Still tasted as good!
72 photo 72_zps51754895.jpg

Wednesday, started feeling a little clogged in the nose and ears today but I thought I'd just 'keep going' and sweat it out ;P So a full day of smashing workouts! Love the feeling of 'Finishing' them!
Work out #1 - Fasted cardio! Followed up by a healthy breakfast of Buckwheat cereal (Protein shake as my 'milk') and a cup of green tea! Looks 'ordinary' but tastes really good!
74 photo 74_zps7e137bf0.jpg

Work out #2 - Cardio boxing on the bag with Legs!
Work out #3 - 30 Minute Hiit Session at 'Get Fit Gladstone'
And Post workout dinner; Pork meatballs with steamed greens and Sweet potato chips!
75 photo 75_zps90b3840b.jpg

Fasted walk Thursday morning on the Treadmill then PT session! Couldn't box tonight either as Lilli and I had a Chiropractor appt. Monday and Thursday night without Punchfit, feels like a piece of 'Me' is missing!!! Anyway Lilli went so well at the Chiro, I let her choose something that she wanted for Afternoon tea.... 'Mum, can we have the new yoghurtland?'!!

She was so excited to see that she could actually 'Make her own'!
77 photo 77_zps297de6a0.jpg

And mine.... that was of a healthier version. Pistachio and Coconut yoghurt, topped with fruit bursts, coconut, toasted oats and almonds. Yum..... steering clear of that place for the next 10 weeks, thats for sure! ;P
76 photo 76_zpse0f40a7c.jpg

Feeling more and more like a crappy headcold.... These little babies might make me feel a little better ;P
78 photo 78_zpsdc851a53.jpg

Friday - On struggle street and such a completely jam packed day ahead of me!! Give me some energy please!!! Fasted walk followed by Breakfast (Banana pancake topped with some of the new 'Chia Pod' that I found at Woolies!)
79 photo 79_zps98765410.jpg
80 photo 80_zps6c22fb6d.jpg

Then Punchfit done and dusted! Grandad to the eye Dr, Watch Lucie for a bit, home for house work, school pick up (don't forget to drop Lucas home), home for a shower and out to dinner with the Punchfit girls for my Birthday! I relaxed, had a yummy dinner, followed by yummy cake (which I wont be allowed on my real Birthday) ;P And spoilt with a Sportspower voucher!! Thanks Girls, you almost bought my shoes outright for me :) Excited!!! Hoping to give them a 'run in' as soon as I can!
81 photo 81_zps11a3af40.jpg
82 photo 82_zps637ac108.jpg
83 photo 83_zps4d352485.jpg

Saturday, I felt like CRAP!! So thought I might fix it with a Green Monster smoothie for Breakfast! It kinda gave me a 'Pick up' til about mid afternoon!
 photo 84_zps9e56e174.jpg

So that brings us to today! And today sux!! So i'll leave it at that! Have a great week ahead and I'll see you all at the end of the 'Official' week 1! Wish me luck!

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