Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Massive catch up! December 2012 - May 2013!

It has been a long year.... and a busy busy busy one. I am still well behind in editing and blogging my 'Personal' stuff.... But today i am blogging images from December 2012 until May this year. Hopefully, it won't take as long to catch up with the next 6 mths, and i'll be posting that one in 'No time'! Hope you enjoy the post i have for you all today tho! December 2012  photo Dec_zps562bbbf1.jpg Cookie Decorating Dec photo Dec3_zps1a6c2546.jpg Dec photo Dec4_zps70950c85.jpg Beach fun  photo Dec2_zps230ec237.jpg  photo Dec1_zps772707ea.jpg  photo Dec5_zpsb5de4029.jpg January 2013  photo Jan2_zpse217a7fb.jpg  photo Jan19_zpse28b9ba1.jpg Jan photo Jan_zpsef04f6a5.jpg Jan13 photo Jan5_zpsa203b11a.jpg Can you guess what song was topping the charts this week!? Jan13 photo Jan4_zps49983167.jpg Aussie Day celebrations at Auckland place... Grandad 'knocking' a few back! Jan13 photo Jan3_zpsab002efe.jpg 13 months separate these two Images..... Alot changes, but the 'Love' stays the same! Jan13 photo Jan1_zps4d812cf2.jpg Mini session with Lilli  photo Jan6_zpsfe901efe.jpg Jan13 photo Jan9_zps8f5c02d7.jpg Jan13 photo Jan18_zps658b2540.jpg Jan13 photo Jan17_zpsda8a0cd7.jpg Jan13 photo Jan7_zpsaff6ab5f.jpg Pink Tutu, Skates, Dr. Martins... How much 'Funkier' can you get! Jan13 photo Jan8_zps78607e91.jpg Keeping cool.... Jan13 photo Jan10_zps31923e6a.jpg  photo Jan11_zps9af5a92d.jpg  photo Jan15_zps4b789d6f.jpg Jan13 photo Jan16_zpsbfefd59f.jpg Jan13 photo Jan14_zps22477441.jpg  photo Jan13_zps51914346.jpg Jan13 photo Jan12_zpsef81960b.jpg Febuary 2013 Don't let the 'Eyes' fool you!!! Butter does NOT melt in her mouth! Feb 13 photo Feb5_zps037e1020.jpg Feb13 photo Feb3_zps51d930f9.jpg In Feb, 'Get Fit Gladstone' (my second home) moved into a permanant place of Business! First night in the shed...  photo Feb1_zps407c2cde.jpg March 2013 A bit of successful baking!  photo March14_zps8111cf97.jpg  photo March15_zpsc4002976.jpg Rubi, kinda.... 'Grew up'!  photo March10_zps8b92d8a5.jpg A quick stop over (and catch up with Family) in Hervey Bay on the way to Lake Maroon..... March13 photo March1_zpsf222b25c.jpg March13 photo March8_zpsf7925024.jpg  photo March5_zps0534d645.jpg  photo March2_zps22189dc8.jpg Some Belly pics!  photo March_zps44a21f6f.jpg  photo March3_zps83b421b8.jpg March13 photo March4_zpse96a88c1.jpg Off to run in the 'Kokoda Grunt' obstacle race!!! 5km's of muddy terrain! Smashed it with some awesome Chicks!  photo March11_zps39ab459b.jpg March13 photo March6_zpsdd5c8f3e.jpg March13 photo March7_zps3516970d.jpg March13 photo March13_zps57410d64.jpg  photo March9_zps676bfb29.jpg  photo March16_zpsd9fb3c89.jpg Relaxation after the race at an amazing private waterhole hidden at the place we were staying! March13 photo March12_zpscbdfe304.jpg March13 photo March17_zps7eb43a71.jpg April 2013  photo April2_zps4e803235.jpg April13 photo April1_zps75c498d6.jpg April13 photo April5_zps7ab46a86.jpg April13 photo April3_zps2c873d2e.jpg  photo April4_zpsf3741142.jpg April13 photo April6_zps997a00d8.jpg Hercs and Rubi came for a Visit... She is STILL growing April13 photo April9_zpsc085388b.jpg Jaxon turned 1 April13 photo April7_zps438b3ead.jpg  photo April10_zps5dd9d756.jpg His big Sister, Bella. April13 photo April8_zps6e529a40.jpg May 2013 She looks like a doll... May 13 photo May5_zps56179fc6.jpg May 13 photo May3_zps0e4356b7.jpg Lucas Dane turned 6 with a 'Superhero' party! May 13 photo May6_zpsb8dda073.jpg May 13 photo May7_zps413032e1.jpg May 13 photo May9_zpscbccbd7d.jpg Pass the Parcel May 13 photo May13_zps099689cc.jpg Balloon Popping!  photo May10_zps32710d9f.jpg May 13 photo May2_zpsa6c4d044.jpg May 13 photo May12_zps1411e3df.jpg May 13 photo May11_zpsa5161d8a.jpg  photo May_zps2bdfb3df.jpg May 13 photo May4_zps1d4aaf18.jpg And that concludes a 6 month Catch up!!! Thanks for looking!


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