Monday, 6 October 2014

Another Catch up

See.... Told you I'd catch up slowly :)

This one is a little special as I don't normally photograph bubba's on my own (and not only is this little girl already 1.... Yes, i know! Slack) But she is also my niece. Meet baby Savannah :) 15 Days New in these images!

Savannah photo Savannah3_zps0c0029da.jpg
Savannah photo Savannah5_zpsb6cee451.jpg
Savannah photo DSC_8003_zps97e819db.jpg
Savannah photo Savannah2_zpsaa009cff.jpg
Savannah photo Savannah_zps407ae4f4.jpg
Savannah photo savannah6_zps89a4db6a.jpg
Savannah photo Savannah4_zps3673c3d6.jpg
Savannah photo savannah9_zps3839a971.jpg
Savannah photo savannah7_zps2679aad2.jpg
 photo savannah10_zpse7548731.jpg
 photo DSC_7922_zps55011e78.jpg

I also have photos from her 1st Birthday, I will probably blog them on her 2nd Birthday.... Just to keep the 'pattern'!

See you back here soon for another catch up!


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