Saturday, 30 July 2011

Friday, 22 July 2011

Project 52 - Week 29 - Animals

My next door Neighbour has a new member of the Family! Their little girl calls him "Cart" (cat), so atm he is still looking for a real name...... But how freaking cute is he!?

Lilli thinks so too!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gumboots, Umbrella, Dolls and a wagon =

A fun Saturday Afternoon for 2 Cheeky Children!

Lucas and Lilli thought we must have gone completely mad.... Letting them splash their way up and down a little water way! Normally we are telling them to 'GET OUT' of there! They had an awesome 20 minutes of fun before it was time to head off home for a nice warm bath.

Before the splashing started..... Dry!
July 11

But not for long ;P
July 11

'No Lilli' Your Cabbage patch dolls really don't want a swim...
July 11

But Lucas would LOVE to take you for a ride up stream!
July 11

July 11

And, so happy to be.....
July 11
I'm sure they really really love each other.

As long as Lilli doesn't try to sneek in a sloppy kiss....
July 11

Keep an eye out for a Blog post from Nikki..... She joined in the Splashing fun!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Project 52 - Week 28 - Light

Adam - Hey Babe, how good are you at Night shots?
Me - Not too bad, why?
Adam - There is a fire out the back in the distance.
Me - Um (not that interested) I'd be better if i had the 85mm lens. But grab the tripod for me and i'll have a go. (So Lilli and Daddy went downstairs and came back with the tripod)

Adam - Whats your theme this week?
Me - Light.
Adam - So it'll work well then?
Me - Yeah, If i can get a decent shot.

So i'm setting up the camera for long exposure while Adam sets up the Tripod. 2 shots later and i'm done! Maybe i should have checked the ISO!!!!!! Yeah. well, i didn't! For all you guys that aren't into Photography... that will mean nothing to you but those who are, I shot it at 'HI' - over 3200! The shot below has been run through noiseware already.

Oh well! It's a 'Light' shot for me this week anyway!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Project 52 - Week 27 - Light

Project 52

Lucie, AGAIN!

She's just so cute and i see her almost everyday.

June 11

This sock must taste awesome.... she can't get enough in her mouth!
June 11

At the point where she'll use anything to try and sit up even if it includes choking others! ;P
July 11

Her cute lil feet.
June 11

She is almost a big girl.... 2 Teeth, blowing raspberries, saying bub bub bub, almost crawling and only a week off 7 mths!!! (sniff, sniff)
june 11

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Road Trip

As you all probably know by now. Our Grandad had a really nasty fall 3 weeks ago, I keep telling everyone that he was on the roof of the house checking the 'Solar System' (Actually the Solar hart), I've had people ask if it was the 'Lunar eclipse' that he was checking out...... Um no! LOL

Anyway, he fell and landed on some coppers logs, concret and the ladder (He doesn't do anything by halves) He broke 12 ribs and 3 lumbar in his lower back along with slight concussion and head trauma. We weren't sure if he was going to pull through... Adam, Lilli and I headed down to the PA hospital in Brisbane. I didn't take the camera to the hospital and there wasn't anytime to muck around with site seeing but i did take a couple of snaps of our road trip..... Mostly of Lilli. Hoping not to bore the hell out of you all!

Leaving Hervey bay on the way to see Grandad in hospital.
June 11

Stopped at the 'G'day G'day' Service station in Maryborough for fuel and a toilet stop before the long trip ahead!
June 11

June 11

June 11

June 11

June 11

We also took to opportunity to head down the road a bit to visit Adam's G'ma aswell for the day. We spent the night at Aaron's place (Adam's Cousin). Lilli got to meet Dozer...
June 11

And Bear....
June 11

June 11

And Puss, who spent most of the night on top of the fridge! Come on.. Lilli is pretty scary at times ;P
June 11

The day we had to leave..... We spent the morning at the hospital with Grandad again and had a few laughs although he really wasn't trying to make us laugh.... Due to the meds and the head trauma he was.... um, completely away with the Fairies! But that blog post will come later! Make sure you keep an eye out on the 'Dimmocks Downunder' blog! Just to tease you.... Here is one of the convo's I had with him when we were visiting.

G'dad - Lisa, have you done that photoshoot yet?
Me - Um.... No, Grandad, which one are you talking about?
G'dad - You know, that one across the road in the motel with the yankies!?
Me - Not yet, but i'm sure it'll be interesting!

It was a little upsetting when we left as there hadn't been much improvement at all..... So to get our minds off hospitals for a little bit, we headed to the Southbank markets for half an hour.

June 11

And had a Churro.... Lilli's Favourites!
June 11

And one last smily face from the trip home!
June 11

So what you are all probably wondering.... I'm not doing a photo shoot with the yankies and Grandad knows that now. He is doing a million times better then any of us ever expected. He is walking with help of a frame and the Dr's have moved him for the High dependency unit to a normal ward in the Brisbane hospital and there is talk of them transferring him back to Rockhampton.... I think the nurses are sick of him accusing them of 'Drinking All his beer' ;P

Sunday, 3 July 2011

We don't get to see these 'Girls' much...... (2 yrs since last time)

So i thought i'd share a few snapshots from the weekend.

On Wednesday i got a phone call from my Sister that lives in Yeppoon. One of her Daughters, Porsche is on School holidays and wanted to do something exciting like all the other kids, 'like go somewhere'. So Kylie, (her Mum) asked her where she would like to go and she said to Gladstone to see Lisa and Teagan, on the train. (Seriously, I would have said.... The Gold coast, like Dreamworld or any theme park) But how special we felt! LOL ;P

They were only able to stay one night, but we made the most of it. I picked Kylie, Jade and Porsche up early fromt the train station and they came back home to see everyone and meet baby Lucie Mae. They had a pressie each for the kids! Lucas got a Nerf gun, Lilli an Aqua doodle and Lucie got a little Pooh bear outfit. Thanks Girls, they really loved their gifts. That afternoon they headed off to the shops and to the Cinema to see the 'Hangover 2'.

We headed down to the Marina Saturday morning for a bacon and egg brunch and of course i dragged the camera out.... Here are some snapshots! And yes, i am actually in a couple. (Thanks to Teagie and Kylie for clicking the shutter!)

July 11

Lucas wanted Porsche to go stay at his place and Lilli woke up this morning looking for the 'Girls' :(
July 11

Kisses for Jade
July 11

And for Porsche
July 11

Teagie and Jade 'Tree huggin'
July 11

Lucie Mae with Auntie Kylie
July 11

I'm pretty sure we didn't stop laughing all day!
July 11

July 11

We spent the afternoon playing basketball in the back yard, and dying Ray's hair Green. It was a really lovely couple of days.... Sad to see you all go. Hope to see you all again soon.

Love much!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Project 52 - Week 26 - Reflections


I chopped Teags chin off.... but i have a reflection in both sides of her sunnies!
project 52


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