Sunday, 3 July 2011

We don't get to see these 'Girls' much...... (2 yrs since last time)

So i thought i'd share a few snapshots from the weekend.

On Wednesday i got a phone call from my Sister that lives in Yeppoon. One of her Daughters, Porsche is on School holidays and wanted to do something exciting like all the other kids, 'like go somewhere'. So Kylie, (her Mum) asked her where she would like to go and she said to Gladstone to see Lisa and Teagan, on the train. (Seriously, I would have said.... The Gold coast, like Dreamworld or any theme park) But how special we felt! LOL ;P

They were only able to stay one night, but we made the most of it. I picked Kylie, Jade and Porsche up early fromt the train station and they came back home to see everyone and meet baby Lucie Mae. They had a pressie each for the kids! Lucas got a Nerf gun, Lilli an Aqua doodle and Lucie got a little Pooh bear outfit. Thanks Girls, they really loved their gifts. That afternoon they headed off to the shops and to the Cinema to see the 'Hangover 2'.

We headed down to the Marina Saturday morning for a bacon and egg brunch and of course i dragged the camera out.... Here are some snapshots! And yes, i am actually in a couple. (Thanks to Teagie and Kylie for clicking the shutter!)

July 11

Lucas wanted Porsche to go stay at his place and Lilli woke up this morning looking for the 'Girls' :(
July 11

Kisses for Jade
July 11

And for Porsche
July 11

Teagie and Jade 'Tree huggin'
July 11

Lucie Mae with Auntie Kylie
July 11

I'm pretty sure we didn't stop laughing all day!
July 11

July 11

We spent the afternoon playing basketball in the back yard, and dying Ray's hair Green. It was a really lovely couple of days.... Sad to see you all go. Hope to see you all again soon.

Love much!


Kel Ward Photography said...

What a bunch of cuties!!

Lisa said...

LOL.... Thanks Kel!


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