Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Project 52 - Week 28 - Light

Adam - Hey Babe, how good are you at Night shots?
Me - Not too bad, why?
Adam - There is a fire out the back in the distance.
Me - Um (not that interested) I'd be better if i had the 85mm lens. But grab the tripod for me and i'll have a go. (So Lilli and Daddy went downstairs and came back with the tripod)

Adam - Whats your theme this week?
Me - Light.
Adam - So it'll work well then?
Me - Yeah, If i can get a decent shot.

So i'm setting up the camera for long exposure while Adam sets up the Tripod. 2 shots later and i'm done! Maybe i should have checked the ISO!!!!!! Yeah. well, i didn't! For all you guys that aren't into Photography... that will mean nothing to you but those who are, I shot it at 'HI' - over 3200! The shot below has been run through noiseware already.

Oh well! It's a 'Light' shot for me this week anyway!

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