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ASN 10 Week Challenge update #12 - Heading into week 8! 3 weeks left

Happy Sunday everyone :) I know..... Crazy huh? I've blogged and it's before Midday! Don't expect it every week :) There are about 3, possibly 4 more blog posts left :)

We are getting into the final weeks of the challenge. 3 weeks til the finish line. These coming weeks may quite possibly be the hardest weeks of all. I'll be pushing myself more! (Yes! It's possible). Eating even 'cleaner', training harder, lifting heavier, and hopefully sleeping more ;P Unfortunatley, the last 2 weeks have been a little 'difficult'! Been struggling a little with 'Everything'! (My normal 'routine' has been up ended with the school holidays and my trainer being away. So my 'Normal' hasn't been so normal, therefore my eating has been a little 'off' as I am used to eating certain foods at certain times) But seriously, there is no 'Excuse' I should have been more prepared and 'sucked' it up ;P

But I promise I will bring this challange home STRONG! I will finish feeling happy! And I WILL have a great 'After' photo for you all to see :) There is no way I can dissapoint all you loyal Blog followers!

Last week, as you all know, I 'fell apart' (with the Easter Egg situation) as I had accomplished my big goals and I didn't have any 'Back up' goals! I also said that I would be making new mini goals! Well.... I've been thinking!

Mini goal #1 - Build myself a 'Bootie!' (We all know I've lost my butt along with that 20kgs!) So lot's of legs and bums sessions coming up!
Mini goal #2 - Work on my back muscles! Leaner and more defined :)
Mini goal #3 - 'Pop' thess Ab's that I so know are in there just wanting to break out!

Overall Big Goal - You'll have to stick around and see if I can convince myself to commit to it ;P (Got ya thinking now hey?)

Bring on the photos for this week I say! I don't think I have actually posted a 'full' day of my eating for you! So on Monday (which wasn't probably the best day as I had quick snacks as we went to the cinemas and it's a little hard to carry in some ABC spread and crackers!). I took a photo of everything I ate :) It was hard enough to 'smuggle' in a protein bar! Anyway... Monday is brought to you in 'iPhone' pictures :)

First on the agenda, early morning walk outside as Adam was home!
Mon photo 225m_zpse0a23dbe.jpg

Dressed in my new clothes :)
Mon photo 228m_zpsc2606c40.jpg

Off to see the long awaited LEGO movie! We had some pretty excited kids!
Mon photo 227m_zpsbc0f97cb.jpg

My snack, that fit nicely in my wallet (as all bags are to be inspected)! They are so yum. Mixed berry is my favourite! Some almonds wouldn't have gone astray but I didn't push my luck ;P
Mon photo 229m_zpsa0058a6a.jpg

So, still no PT sessions this week but I scored myself a 'new' gym off the classifieds! (Thanks Babe, for being 'addicted' to that stupid facebook page). I had to try it out! So after my afternoon snack of 1/2 quest bar, almonds and some XT50 Green tea, I was off to pump out a Back and Bi's session on the new machine! :)
Mon photo 230m_zps9bdf72d2.jpg

Superset Session consisted of:

Biceps Curls with the bar
Single back rows with DB's
Hammer curls
Reverse back flys
Concentration curls
Lat pulldowns
Overhead back extensions
Legs raisers
Weighted situps
Mon photo 231m_zps6a02b014.jpg

Felt so weird to NOT be heading of to Punchfit to finish off my Monday night.

Below are my 3 main meals from the day :)

1 - Banana Protein Pancakes
2 - Rice thins with, Avo, Spinach, Ham, Beetroot/cabbage salad and cottage cheese
3 - Honey Mustard Chicken with greens and sweet potato. Marinade for Chicken was: juice of 1 lemon, dijon mustard, bit of chicken stock, garlic and honey. Mixed together, throw in chicken breast and let marinate for about 20 mins (can be longer!). I was just in a hurry!
Mon photo 226m_zps6f0f92ee.jpg

Cup of green tea to finish off the day:)

Tuesday, I was lazy.... no walk for me :( But I got organised for a Chest and Tri's session before I was off to do some stuff for Nan and Grandad.

Another supersetting workout:

Sitting Chest press
Skull crushers
Standing chest press with plate weight
Overhead triceps
DB Chest flys on the ball
Tricep cable pulldown
Leg raisers
Obliques twists with weight
Weighted ball crunches
Tues photo 233t_zps19655f0d.jpg

Stopped in at Teagie's place for a visit (and so she could have a go at 'de-dreading' one of my dreads)! Right on lunch time... lucky she had shopped a couple days before! Made myself some Lunch :) And, I'm not sure that I have blogged about 'coffee' before but here we go.... I've never been a BIG coffee drinker but I NEVER went a morning without a coffee (before my day started). When I began the challenge, I also said that I would give up coffee through the week when I'm training and only have one on my rest day! Not for any other reason than, that skim milk is high in carbs and sugar! So, really, it's best to use 'real' stuff and add water to it to make it 'Skim'. That cuts out all the extra 'additives'! But today.. I was craving one so so bad, when I stopped in at Nan's on the way home I 'caved' and grabbed a 'watered' down coffee from the cafe! Burnt the shit outta my tongue, but it was just what I needed (The coffee, not the burnt tongue!) ;P
Tues photo 234t_zps0666a68a.jpg

Snack for afternoon tea, greek yoghurt with vanilla protein powder mixed in, topped with a sprinkle of cacao nibs.
Tues photo 235t_zpsd6fb6f54.jpg

Dinner for Tuesday night was roasted chickpea and vege salad with Pork, fennel and Mustard sausages! I just love it when I throw something together and it just 'works'!! And bonus... leftovers!!! I LOVE leftovers! Makes for a quick 'already prepared' healthy lunch!
Tues photo 236t_zps24955a8b.jpg

No walk on Wednesday AGAIN!!! Lucky I smashed out a full body session! Felt great after I'd finished except that my dodgy neck was playing up!! Rainy day, sore neck, school holidays... it was screaming for Green tea, wheat pack, zen spray, sloppy joe, lunch on the couch, cuddles and movies with my #1 Girl :) It was nice even if I had to sit through Dora, Peppa and Barbie!
Wed photo 238w_zpsdad31b39.jpg

Snack after my workout and leftover lunch! Always taste better the day after :) Should have kept Adam's lunch as well and sent him with a boring Ham sanga instead!
Wed photo 237w_zps085d39d3.jpg

Dinner for Wednesday was Salmon! Chop a bit of garlic, squeeze a bit of lemon, add a dash of fish sauce, wrap it in a piece of baking paper and pop it in the oven :) (I much prefer frying it a little in coconut oil, giving it a yummy crispy skin!!) But no skin for me at the moment! So once it's baked in the oven, the skin just peels right off :)
Wed photo 239w_zpsd59ee95e.jpg

Served with greens (did that surprise you all?) and some sweet potato.
Wed photo 240w_zps007fcaaa.jpg

Thursday morning cardio done and dusted on the treadmill before an exciting cupcake lesson!! Angry bird cupcake decorating with 'Surprise me by Heidi'! It was a winner and we'll definately be back next holidays. Lilli loved it and so did I. Lilli shared her creations with her Cousins and her Daddy! And cause I am a mega sweet tooth and LOVE icing!!! ANY icing (I'm far from picky ;P)... The last cupcake was wrapped and frozen for this 'Mama' after the challenge!
Thurs photo 241t_zps926ae63a.jpg
Thurs photo 242t_zps3dc8f1cb.jpg

Next stop was Lucas and Lilli's pick! Tavern for lunch!! The Tavern now have some healthier options on their menu! They even have Kangaroo :) (Much to Teag's disgust). I ordered the Tuna with Avocado, spinach, rocket, tomato and pear salad with a wasabi mayo which I asked for on the side! This way you can choose how much you consume instead of your salad dripping in a calorie packed dressing! You are paying for your meal so you get to have a say in it ;P I left the dressing and most of the Pear as it is quite high in carbs and sugars... but the rest of it was yummo!!!
Thurs photo 243t_zpsd301115f.jpg

Thursday afternoon must have been 'selfie' day!! ;p Anyway, headed downstairs for a leg session.
Thurs photo 244t_zps144f8a8a.jpg
And on the 'Challenger' page they are having a week of competitions. First comp is to show your 'Fit Face'! So a picture before/during/after your workout! I almost didn't post mine. I look scary and my veins are popping from my forehead! Those leg extensions were heavy!! Don't laugh too hard!
Thurs photo 245t_zps09066add.jpg

Easy dinner! Leftover salmon, spinach and feta omlette!
Thurs photo 246t_zpsf7cde665.jpg

Friday... 'Blast from the Past'! Headed over to Yaralla gym for a session! I haven't worked out at Yaralla since I was about 18! I kinda fell back into place! Was good to change up my workout scenery! Thanks for a great Legs and shoulders session Stace :)

All I have from Friday are my Main meals!
Breakfast: Wholemeal toast, ABC spread, Banana and a vanilla/cacao protein shake.
Lunch: The 'normal'!
Dinner: Lemon, Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic and Parsley baked Chicken breast with the 'normal'!
Fri photo 247f_zps88ab27d7.jpg

Saturday started with a 45 min treadmill walk :)

Then off to visit Nan and Grandad! Of all bloody days to visit!!! It was Wally's (one of the residents) 65th Birthday! I ordered a 'watered' down flat white coffee (OMG... 2 coffee's in one week! I'll be buzzing all day) to keep my cravings under control! LOL..... It was actually not all that bad even though I was sitting close to this table full of sweet goodies! On the left is the 'Party' food and on the right, what I came home and made for Lunch :)
 photo 248s_zpsd1673003.jpg

The competition on the challenger page for today was 'Secrets of your gym bag'!
1 - Towel
2 - Water bottle
3 - Bombshell
4 - Protein in a shaker, ready to go
5 - Weight gloves
6 - Polar heart rate monitor
7 - Car Keys
8 - Activated Almonds
9 - XT50 Green tea
10 - Headband to hold back my wild dreads ;P
11 - My iPhone (cause you can never have too many selfies rights?) with a pic of my Family (The reason and reminder of why I changed my lifestyle 18 months ago)
 photo 249s_zps81c30dd6.jpg

Finished off Saturday afternoon with the 4th ASN bootcamp session! Held by Tamara Murphy from the 'Ultimate Body' and Rob Guinea from 'Body Dynamix'! Thanks guys for a smashing cardio session :)

I'm going to blame the fact that my legs were so sore and not functioning properly for the reason I have no photos!!! ;P Sorry guys!

Which brings us to now! Sunday MORNING!!! Raining! Wondering whether or not the Street Parade is still going ahead for the Festival this afternoon! Oh well... another movie day coming up I think :) Weigh in tomorrow... While I'm not super confident.. What will be, will be and I will soldier on!

But before I go, I'm going to get a little 'real' here.... (and it has nothing what so ever to do with my blog, or fitness journey).

A few weeks ago, one of Mum's Friends and her Family had been given some devastating, unexpected news. A Father/Husband has just been diagnosed with full blown bone marrow cancer. They have 2 children with slight 'special needs'. They have had to up and move (without any warning) to Brisbane where he will undergo treatment in the hope he may be cured. They are staying in the housing provided and the kids have been enrolled in a school down there. This will be there new 'home' for at least 6 months if all goes to plan. He has also recently caught the 'Flu' so this battle has just gotten even harder. I can't imagine what this little Family is going through right now. I'm not one for 'Praying' but they will be in my thoughts :)

This has made me realise that even though we sometimes think things can't be any worse for 'us', there is ALWAYS someone out there dealing with something just as challenging, if not, worse. I've also realised how short time spent with our loved ones really could be! I know that at times, they drive you crazy, they annoy you, send you to loose your shit! But please, please, right now... tell them you love them, give them a hug and a kiss. And keep doing it, even when they are back answering, forgetting to put the bins out, leaving there stuff everywhere for you to pick up! Life's too short to 'sweat the small stuff'!

Thanks for reading everyone! Catch you all next week :)

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