Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Silly Season - December 8th

Pretty pretty lights! .....................

Where are they all this year????

I remember when i was a little bit younger(yes... only a bit!), that it was the highlight of our December nights to go check out all the awesome light displays! But they have kinda dwindled away and been replaced with 'Grinches'!!! Anyway, we took Lucas and Lilli out for a drive on Saturday night and found one Stand out house!! I asked if i could pop back and take some pics of it! The lady... Gale, was so lovely and said that i was most welcome!!

So Nik and i planned to go on 3 different nights... of which it was raining on 2 of them and then last night we were gong to make it.... well i did, Nikki was at a school graduation for her Daughter and really enjoying it! ;P It ran way to late and she couldn't make it!

This is what i came up with! Thank you again Gale and i hope you enjoy see these.....

Silly season

Silly season

Silly season

Silly season

Silly season

Thanks for looking!

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