Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Silly Season - December 1st

I'm not really the most 'Traditional' type of person..... when i was younger i begged Mum to put the Tree up mths before Christmas although Nana always told me it was bad luck to do it before the 1st December!

Adam and i didn't have a Christmas tree in our house until Lucas was born and then, well... there was a reason too. So we had a teeny itty bitty one just for him. This year i pulled it out and Lilli says "Mummy, that ittle, Teagie is got a big one"... so sad, i know! So off to Big W i went and purchased a 180cm pop up pre decorated one! (I know, i'm NO fun)..... But it's not 'ittle' anymore!!!

So enough rambling, cause you are all here for the pics! Right??? Here is our xmas tree!!! (Well parts of it and Lilli, Of course)
Silly season

Silly season

Silly season

See you all tomorrow!


melissa said...

oh but decorating it is all the fun! lol. It is nice though!

Lisa said...

LOL.... So true!! I know.... I suck! I did buy some lights and a couple more ball balls for Lilli to put on... does that count? And she has made an Angel and a bird at Daycare that are for tree decorations.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lilli Grace,

Nikki said...

I should have bought that one! We got one with the fibre optic lights and stars, and the kids added the rest of the decorations. The first night the cat undecorated it for us, and today Saxon somehow ended up beneath it - on the floor.

Next year I'm getting one of those big stickers for the wall :oP

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