Friday, 3 December 2010

Silly Season - December 3rd


But..... these weren't made by me! In fact anything that can't be chucked in the fry pan, slow cooker, or steamer.... pretty much isn't made by me!

I leave all the cake-y, biscuit-y, dessert-y style stuff completely up to My Sister Teagan or my Cousin Nikki.... and although i'd love to tell you that my house smelt like the gingerbread factory (i'd be fibbing). These little xmas trees almost took over Nikki's kitchen yesterday! She baked 100 of them! She is so so patient and clever!

Silly season

And i just wanted to add that i am going to push myself and try really really hard to make every post this month 'somehow' related to Christmas! Wish me luck... I could possibly need it! ;P


Nikki said...

Yes. Yes I am :oP

Anonymous said...

And Lisa forgot ........
Very Humble
Very modest
Not in the least vain, arrogant, full of herself,

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