Thursday, 2 September 2010

Welcome to Beyond 365!

Many of you know that i have challenged myself to a project 365 for almost the last year! And sadly.... (or not so sadly), the time is nearly up! Yep, soon i will have captured a picture a day for a whole year.... 365 days! 52 Weeks! Yay me!

So instead of just leaving you all wondering where i've gone and what i'll be doing and if i keep up with taking shots every so often ;) I invite you to watch me grow with "Beyond 365"! I promise to keep shooting and improving!

So for a bit of a laugh and just to show you how far i've actually come in a year.... I'll post 1 (maybe 2) pictures from each month since i first picked up a serious camera in October 2009! Some will be from my Project 365 but some .... you may have never seen before! LOL... Enjoy!

Lucas - October 2009

Izabella - November 2009Dec09

Lucas - December 2009
Dec 09

Izabella - January 2010 (Hats.... OMG, i have cute hats for props!) Can't take photos, but i have props!
Jan 09

Lilli - January 2010- Beautiful, just like her Mummy ;p
Jan 10

Adam - February 2010 - Love ya lots! Thanks for buying me my expensive camera.... 'I promise its not a phase'!

Lilli - March 2010 - My first "OMG..... You've really overdone her eyes! They're SCARY"
Mar 10

And March was also the first time i took my camera out at night.... and fell in love!
Night time

Buzz Lightyear - April 2010
Green with Envy

Lilli - May 2010

Teags and Lucas - May 2010

In May i also took a couple of pics for a lovely friend of mine. Lisa and Mick! Although, i still really had NO IDEA..... about processing! And so nervous!
May 10

May 10

May 10

Lucas - June 2010
June 10

And in June i attempted my first ever storyboard of awesome yummy food! Mmmmm!

Eli - July 2010
Eli June10

So almost up to date!!! I'll be back with some more recents soon! Feel free to leave me a comment if you'd like!


Nikki said...

Yayyy Lis! You can definitely see the improvement! Awesome :o)

Chele Rogers said...

Just the best...I am so impressed with you & your work xxx

Kel Ward Photography said...

I looove the blog design and you know how much I love your photos. You have such a great eye and are just amazing.

Lisa said...

Thanks Everyone for your comments!

kerri-ann said...

I'm excited to watch you grow and improve even more xxoo

Teagan said...

Awesome job Lis... Can't wait for more to come!


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