Sunday, 5 September 2010

Beautiful Bump.....

39 weeks with her 2nd and looking gorgeous!

Sept 10

Sept 10

Sept 10

Sept 10

Sept 10

re edit!

Hayley, Thank you so much for letting us take some pictures of your super cute belly! All the best with the new addition!

You can also check out some more of this awesome bump HERE.


Anonymous said...

Really lovely pics, Hayley. Can't wait to see the newborn pics. Congratulations.

Aunty Col

Kel Ward Photography said...

She's 39 weeks?! She looks absolutely amazing! Great photos, Lisa.

Lisa said...

Yep 39 wks... Now actually due tomorrow!

Thanks Kel!

Anonymous said...

Lisa- i love the pics you have of hayley especially the one without her shirt in with the jeans. She is just gorgeous pregnant! Great work!



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