Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just a Couple

So.... i said i'd post once a week and haven't! Sorry My Bad!!! Hopefully next week i'll be able to show you all a few newbies! (We have a busy two weeks) Well Nikki does! I just pretend i'm working ;)

And then the Week after, hopefully some of my awesome Nephew, Lucas, who is starting to co-operate with the camera a little more! So we'll be attempting a little session with him! Wish us luck!

Just a couple of recents for now..... Nothing spectacular!

One of my very FAVES at the moment!
sept 10

And little Bella bug from next door!
Sept 10


Nikki said...

SOOOOO cute! That shot of Lilli is one of my faves as well. I big puffy heart it xxx

Lisa said...

LOL... Thanks Nik!

my365blog said...

Just gorgeous Lisa! Lilli, as always, is too cute and those eyes....well you know how much I love them! And Bella's adorable too. I love the background. Great color in these!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much Cathy!!! Lilli's pic was taken on my bed spread in my room and came out so much better then i thought!


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