Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pretty Pink!

Is everything that Mummy wants and not so much what Lilli wants! LOL.... As most of you know, Lilli was the first girl born in our family since Rabby (Grayson)..... That was a gap of PINK for 10 years!!!! So it may be a bit of an understatement when we say 'We went a bit crazy for her second birthday party' which will be happening in less then 2 weeks!

There might be a jumping castle, a ball pit, a completely pink and girly lollie buffet and possibly a girly photo station! Where all her awesome friends can get a photo with the 'Not so girly birthday girl!'

So today i went to Nikki's place to help with the making and freezing of cake balls! I left before the rolling began (sorry Nik), but with only half the mixture used..... we have ended up the 178 yes..... not a typo.... 178 cake balls for the buffet! Here are a few pics to keep you guys going until the next update... which could quite possibly be another chapter of the preparation for Lilli's 2nd Birthday party!

The cake is cooked, cooled and crumbled

The icing mixture beaten


And 'Approved' by the Girl herself.... Lilli!

And so the rolling begins!


Nikki said...

And 178 balls later...I still have pink hands lol.

The things I do for you, Lilli! xx

Lisa said...

Thank you Aunty Nikki!!!! Pink hands will go well with the outfit for the wedding!

Melissa Knight said...

I have to ask what is a cake ball?

Lisa said...

Cake and icing rolled together.... put onto a 'lollpop stick'. Dipped in white chocolate! Yummo! Can't wait to try one! They were Nik's idea... she always comes up with the yummy stuff!

Kristel said...

My husband says - Holy C**p!! I wanna be her kid!!

Awesome idea, wonderful photos!! That pink is very striking!! I hope you are dressing to match your beuatiful hands Nik :P

Lisa said...

Sim... You are welcome to pop over on Sunday the 7th and pretend to be one of the kids if you wish! LOL!!!


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