Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I never thought.....

That i'd fall head over heels for another Man that stepped into my life..... But when i met this little fella yesterday morning after Adam rescued him off our busy street! It was LOVE at first sight!

We took him to the vet incase he was Micro chipped and then we checked the Lost Register with the Gladstone City Coucil! Nope.... Nothing! Than today i checked again and there it was, his description down to the little blue collar he is wearing! As much as i was happy to find his family and his home.... i was also so sad that i'd gotten so attached in 24 hrs! So his 'Mummy' will be picking him up tomorrow lunch time!

I just wanted to show you the 'Man' that swept me off my feet! (Other then Adam)
His name is Gus!

1 comment:

Teagan said...

Awww he is beautiful he surely swept me off my feet, i would love to have him as my own


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