Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Project 52 - Week 48 - Water

Wow.... Only 4 weeks left!

So i know i'm only suppose to have one image each week but as our holiday had alot of 'Water' related activities.... I have a few for you this week! All the follwing images were taken at Reef HQ in Townsville.

This is one of the Turtle enclosures... I wouldn't mind living here ;P
Week 48

Miniture Jelly fish! Very cool! I think they were one of my favourite things.
Week 48

This is Yasmine, one of the sick Green Turtles in the turtle hospital. She is approx 10-15 yrs old. There were 7 injured/sick turtles in the hospital when we visited. They have just recently released 6 back into the sea. Reef HQ fund this hospital from donations and kindness of there volunteers. No govenment support at all. Sad;P
Week 48

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