Sunday, 29 May 2011

A bit of everything.....

From the past 2 mths that you may or may not have seen! LOL!

This one of 'Rab' is slightly different to the other one i posted.... Trying to decide on the 'Better' one!
April 11

We had a visit from the Easter Bunny!
April 11

Lilli took a dive in the rockpool at the beach and got a little wet!
April 11

Lilli having some morning tea (the same size as her) on the way to Rocky!
April 11

Cute-ness Lucie Mae at one of the Family Fridays (That have kinda dwindled to a low.... Getting to cold and Dark too early now) Oh, and we have all been sick or had sickie kids!
April 11

And as recent as Yesterday! We celebrated Cos' 25th Birthday at the Gardens. Very quiet, Just us, Mum, Dad, Cos and Soph. Happy Birthday for Tomorrow (Monday) Cosmoe! Hope you have a Lovely birthday dinner with your Family tonight!

The Munchkins with the Birthday Boy!
May 11

And one with Aunty Sophie as well!
May 11

A suprise Cake cause Sophie told him he is 'Too Old' to be blowing out candles.... Like a quarter CENTURY! ;P
May 11
He didn't get to blow them out anyway.... Lucas beat him to it!

Teagie with Bubba Lucie.... Who will be 6 Months old tomorrow!
May 11

And stealing a kiss from her big 4 yr old, Lucas...... While Lilli patiently waits for her Autie Teagie Kiss!
May 11

Until next time....... Hope this keeps you up to date!


Kel Ward Photography said...

They're all getting so big! Awesome photos, Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Thanks Kel... They are all growing up so so fast!


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