Friday, 5 November 2010

I dropped the baby!!.....

Not the real one! (And considering she is almost 2!) Not so much a baby anymore ;(

The camera!!! Took a dive out of my car yesterday when i was trying to get the bags and my phone and Lilli all in one go! I learned my lesson (don't try that again). So 'My baby' was in it's bag with a couple of other things which i had hoped broke the total impact of hitting the cement garage floor! I was scared to click the shutter.... in case it was all broke! Anyway, Lilli just looked to cute this morning, so i crossed my fingers and hit the button a few times and (holding breath) uploaded to the computer!

Guess what.... she's all GOOD!

Nov 10

nov 10


Nikki said...

Yeah I guess she's a little bit cute :oP

Reminder for next time - drop the kid not the camera! They heal :o)

Lisa said...

LOL...I'll remember that!

my365blog said...

I dropped my camera in a parking lot while on vacation. I was half hoping it was broken so I could really justify an upgrade!! I think those things are tougher than they look! I'm so glad we still get to see those beautiful eyes!


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